Ambient experience tools to interact with devices in Azure

As described in Interacting with devices, the devices used to interact with a customer depend on how much ambient user experience is required to deliver the customer's need and empower adoption. Speed from the trigger that prompts the customer's need and your solution's ability to meet that need are determining factors in repeat usage. Ambient experiences help accelerate that response time and create a better experience for your customers by embedding your solution in the customers' immediate surroundings.

Diagram that shows the Cloud Adoption Framework approach to interact with devices.

Alignment to the methodology

This type of digital invention can be delivered through any of the following levels of ambient experience. The table of contents on the left side of this page lists technical guidance to accelerate digital invention. Those device interaction articles are grouped by level of ambient user experience to align with the methodology.

  • Mobile experience: Mobile apps are commonly part of a customer's surroundings. In some scenarios, a mobile device might provide enough interactivity to make a solution ambient.
  • Mixed reality: Sometimes a customer's natural surroundings must be altered through mixed reality. Engaging a customer within that mixed reality can provide a form of ambient user experience.
  • Integrated reality: Moving closer to true ambience, integrated reality solutions focus on the use of a customer's physical device to integrate the solution into natural behaviors.
  • Adjusted reality: When any of the preceding solutions use predictive analysis to provide an interaction with a customer within that customer's natural surroundings, that solution creates the highest form of ambient experience.


In Azure, you commonly use the following tools to accelerate digital invention across each level of ambient user experience solutions. These tools are grouped based on the amount of experience required to reduce complexity in aligning tools with those experiences.

Category Tools
Mobile experiences
  • Azure App Service
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Intune
  • Mixed reality
  • Unity
  • Azure Spatial Anchors
  • HoloLens
  • Integrated reality
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure Sphere
  • Azure Kinect DK
  • Adjusted reality
  • IoT cloud to device
  • Azure Digital Twins + HoloLens
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    Mobile experience

    Mixed reality

    Integrated reality and IoT

    Adjusted reality

    Next steps

    Learn about tools for predictive analysis and integration of their output into applications.