Azure setup guide overview


This guide provides a starting point for readiness guidance in the Cloud Adoption Framework. For an interactive experience, view this guide in the Azure portal. Go to the Azure Quickstart Center in the Azure portal, select the Projects and guides tab, then select Azure Setup Guide and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Before you start building and deploying solutions by using Azure services, you need to prepare your environment. In this guide, we introduce features that help you organize resources, control costs, and secure and manage your organization. For more information, best practices, and considerations related to preparing your cloud environment, see the Cloud Adoption Framework's readiness section.

You'll learn how to:

  • Organize resources: Set up a management hierarchy to consistently apply access control, policy, and compliance to groups of resources and use tagging to track related resources.
  • Manage access: Use Azure role-based access control to make sure that users only have the permissions they need.
  • Manage costs and billing: Identify your subscription type, understand how billing works, and learn how to control costs.
  • Plan for governance, security, and compliance: Enforce and automate policies and security settings that help you follow applicable legal requirements.
  • Use monitoring and reporting: Get visibility across resources to find and fix problems, optimize performance, and gain insight into customer behavior.
  • Stay current with Azure: Track product updates to enable a proactive approach to change management.

This guide provides interactive steps that let you try features as they're introduced. To come back to where you left off, use the breadcrumb for navigation.