Monitoring and reporting in Azure

Azure offers many services that together provide a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from your applications and the Azure resources that support them. These services can also monitor critical on-premises resources to provide a hybrid monitoring environment.

Azure Monitor provides a single unified hub for all monitoring and diagnostics data in Azure. You can use it to get visibility across your resources. With Azure Monitor, you can find and fix problems, optimize performance, and understand customer behavior.

  • Data collection: Azure Monitor collects data from various data sources, including: Application, Container, Guest operating system, Azure resource, Azure subscription, Azure tenant, and Azure resource changes. Additionally, Azure Monitor can collect log data from any REST client using the Data Collector API.

  • Insights: Availability, performance, usage, and health of your web applications are monitored using Application Insights. Further, you can use the insights features of Azure Monitor to monitor your:

  • Visualization: Visualizing your monitoring data will greatly help you get an overview of the current posture of your cloud real estate. Make use of visualizations with built-in or custom charts and tables, workbooks, dashboards, or Power BI.

  • Response: An effective monitoring strategy often requires an actionable response to critical events in the collected data. You can automate actions by using the built-in Alerts or Autoscale capabilities.

Find more solutions in the Azure Marketplace for monitoring other resource types.

To explore Azure Monitor, go to the Azure portal.

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To learn more, see Azure Monitor documentation.