Platform automation and DevOps for HPC in the manufacturing industry

Azure landing zones for HPC in the manufacturing industry don't have any specific considerations or recommendations that affect decisions related to platform automation and DevOps. Platform automation and DevOps are two of several design areas considered in this documentation.


You can deploy HPC Pack 2019 clusters using pre-existing Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates on GitHub with the option to deploy straight from the Azure portal. Depending on whether you need a Microsoft Entra integrated HPC Pack deployment or not, you can choose from a variety of templates that suit your scenario (i.e. Windows vs. Linux requirements, new vs. existing Microsoft Entra domain, high-availability/multiple head node cluster for BC/DR vs. single head node cluster). Note there are some prerequisites prior to deploying HPC Pack 2019, such as having an Azure Key Vault Certificate. Read more in the README.

Previous recommendations

Keep in mind that it could be important to understand any decisions made previously by the cloud platform team so you know about existing recommendations for platform automation and DevOps.

Next steps

The following articles provide guidance that you might find helpful at various points during your cloud adoption process. They can help you succeed in the cloud adoption scenario for HPC in the manufacturing industry.