Azure governance for manufacturing HPC

Governance is an important part of planning for HPC workloads. Organizations in the manufacturing and automotive industries often rely on compliance and regulation assessments, like Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX).

Keep in mind that it could be important to understand any decisions previously made by the cloud platform team so that you're aware of existing  governance recommendations.

Azure governance in the Azure HPC landing zone accelerator

The Azure HPC landing zone accelerator can help your organization get mature governance controls.

For example:

  • A management group hierarchy that groups resources by function or workload type might encourage best practices for resource consistency.
  • A rich set of Azure policies might enable governance controls at management-group level to ensure all resources are in scope.

Next steps

The following articles provide guidance that you might find helpful at various points during the cloud adoption process. They can help you succeed in your cloud adoption scenario for manufacturing HPC environments.