Innovate with SAP and Azure

The SAP platform provides a foundation for innovation for many companies and can handle various workloads natively. It allows for rapid expansion and customization of business processes and customer experiences, and when paired with the capabilities of Azure, this innovation can go even further.

Democratize data

Learn more about ways you can democratize data after SAP has been migrated to Azure.

To extend your SAP data platform, use cloud native tools in Azure:

  • Azure Data Catalog, if you use SAP to store a great deal of data across the organization, SAP HANA and SAP Business Warehouse may contain data that many of users may not even know exists. Use Azure Data Catalog to allow users to classify and add metadata to SAP data sources, making it easier for all users to the find the data they need within SAP's databases.
  • Azure Data Factory, to pull data from SAP to fuel development of applications and big data analysis.
  • Power BI, to create rich visualizations and build business insights on top of SAP data. Build and share reports, dashboards, and provide notifications to bring the power of SAP's datastores to your workforce.
  • Other big data sources, such as Hadoop, HDInsights, and Databricks, to allow data scientists to build advanced analytics solutions on top of your SAP data.

Engage on applications

Learn more about ways you can build applications to extend your SAP platform.

Extend the capabilities of SAP through new applications as:

  • Citizen developers, to empower business teams from sales, payroll, finance, and so on. To extend SAP by creating their own Power Apps and Power Automate solutions using the SAP ERP connector.
  • Intelligent experiences, to build modern applications in the cloud with web apps or serverless functions. Infuse intelligence into your modern applications with speech, text, vision, and chat bots.

Interact on devices

Learn more about using device interactions to get closer to your customers.

Bring the business integration of SAP into your customer's environment with:

  • Mobile experiences: Extend SAP through the rapid development of mobile apps and Power Apps for mobile experiences.
  • IoT: Collect data in near-real time from devices in your business environments.

Next steps

Learn more to help govern SAP with further guidance found at specific points throughout the cloud adoption journey.