Azure Advisor for Azure Communication Services

Azure Advisor is a personalized cloud consultant that helps you follow best practices to optimize your Azure deployments. Azure Communication Services is onboarded to Azure Advisor and will post recommendations for ways to optimize your communication resources. You can view these recommendations in the Azure portal in the Advisor blade. Recommendations are stored in your Azure Activity Log, and you can configure alerts for these recommendations via ARM templates or the portal.

Install the latest SDKs

To ensure all the recent fixes and updates, it's recommended you always stay up to date with the latest SDKs available. If there's a newer version of the SDK(s) you're using available, you'll see a recommendation shows up in the Performance category to update to the latest SDK.

Azure Advisor example showing recommendation to update chat SDK.

The following SDKs are supported for this feature, along with all their supported languages. This feature will only send recommendations for the newest generally available major release versions of the SDKs. Beta or preview versions won't trigger any recommendations or alerts. You can learn more about the SDK options available.

  • Calling (client)
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Identity
  • Phone Numbers
  • Management
  • Network Traversal
  • Call Automation

Next steps

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