Anjuna Security


Anjuna’s goal is to give companies the freedom to run applications in the cloud with complete data security and privacy. Anjuna believes that Confidential Computing should be the foundational fabric of the cloud, fostering secure and reliable operations for organizations of all types. Through collaboration with Microsoft Azure, Anjuna is dedicated to delivering solutions that transform security into a business enabler, offering simplified adoption without compromising on data protection.

You can learn more about Anjuna Security in our partner webinar here.

Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform

Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform is a breakthrough software solution. It allows you to run applications on Azure confidential computing instances powered by AMD SEV-SNP or by Intel SGX CPUs with enhanced ease of use, operational efficiency and security posture. Anjuna seamlessly integrates with Azure confidential computing instances creating a protected execution environment that intrinsically secures applications. With Anjuna, data is kept secure because it’s encrypted — in use, in transit and at rest— and kept private because it’s isolated from anyone with access to the infrastructure. Through built-in cryptographic attestation, Anjuna empowers enterprises to directly control application-level trust policies, ensuring that only trusted code can access sensitive data.

The result is a revolutionary approach that brings security directly into compute, eliminating exposure to a wide range of threats from insiders, third parties, malicious software and more.

Get started today with the Azure Marketplace solution - there's a SaaS offering you can check out here, and a managed application here.

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