Fortanix secures data, wherever it is. Fortanix’s data-first approach helps businesses of all sizes to modernize their security solutions on-premises, in the cloud and everywhere in-between. Enterprises worldwide, especially in privacy-sensitive industries like healthcare, fintech, financial services, government, and retail, trust Fortanix for data security, privacy and compliance.

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Fortanix Confidential Computing Node Agent

Fortanix Node Agent is software deployed on Azure confidential computing DC VMs to manage the compute node and applications running in secure enclaves. The node agent is compatible with Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager, which enables running containerized apps in the Intel SGX secure enclaves using Azure Confidential Computing. The Node Agent helps the verification of hardware and software running on the compute nodes. The Node Agent also assists with application attestation and visibility for Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager.

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Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager on Azure

The Fortanix Confidential Computing Manager enables applications to run in confidential computing environments, verifies the integrity of those environments, and manages the enclave application life-cycle. The solution orchestrates critical security policies such as identity verification, data access control, and code attestation for enclaves that are required for confidential computing. Unlike other approaches, Fortanix provides the flexibility to run and manage the broadest set of applications, including existing applications, new enclave-native applications, and prepackaged applications.

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Fortanix Data Security Manager

Fortanix Data Security Manager is a unified Key Management, HSM, Tokenization, and Secrets Management solution secured with Intel® SGX. Fortanix protects sensitive data across public, hybrid, multicloud, and private cloud environments with a single point of management and control. Additionally, Azure cluster of Fortanix Data Security Manager can be connected seamlessly to an on-premises cluster of Fortanix Data Security Manager or other third party legacy HSMs and Azure managed HSM to achieve FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM security with software-defined simplicity

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