Quotas for Azure Container Apps

The following quotas are on a per subscription basis for Azure Container Apps.

To request an increase in quota amounts for your container app, learn how to request a limit increase and submit a support ticket.

Feature Scope Default Is Configurable1 Remarks
Environments Region Up to 5 Yes Limit up to five environments per subscription, per region.

For example, if you deploy to three regions you can get up to 15 environments for a single subscription.
Container Apps Environment 20 Yes
Revisions Container app 100 No
Replicas Revision 30 Yes
Cores Replica 2 No Maximum number of cores that can be requested by a revision replica.
Cores Environment 40 Yes Maximum number of cores an environment can accommodate. Calculated by the sum of cores requested by each active replica of all revisions in an environment.

For more information regarding quotas, see the Quotas Roadmap in the Azure Container Apps GitHub repository.


Free trial and Azure for Students subscriptions are limited to one environment per subscription globally.

1 The Is Configurable column denotes that a feature maximum may be increased through a support request. For more information, see how to request a limit increase.


  • If an environment runs out of allowed cores:
    • Provisioning times out with a failure
    • The app may be restricted from scaling out