Manage scheduled maintenance settings for Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL


You can specify maintenance options for each cluster in your Azure subscription. Options include the maintenance schedule and notification settings for upcoming and finished maintenance events.


To complete this how-to guide, you need:

Specify maintenance schedule options

  1. On the cluster page, under the Settings heading, choose Maintenance to open scheduled maintenance options.
  2. The default (system-managed) schedule is a random day of the week, and 30-minute window for maintenance start between 11pm and 7am cluster's Azure region time. If you want to customize this schedule, choose Custom schedule. You can then select a preferred day of the week, and a 30-minute window for maintenance start time.

Notifications about scheduled maintenance events

You can use Azure Service Health to view notifications about upcoming and past scheduled maintenance on your cluster. You can also set up alerts in Azure Service Health to get notifications about maintenance events.

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