CycleCloud version 8.2.1

New Features:

  • Slurm hostnames now match their node names, via Azure DNS
  • VMSS Force Delete is supported (if enabled)

Resolved Issues:

  • CycleCloud would sometimes get into a mode where connections failed with __getattribute__ not found on type HttpsURLConnectionImpl until it was restarted
  • When editing accounts, the credential's default region was erroneously reset to WestUS.
  • In some cases, CycleCloud requested Azure metrics for an interval that was too large and got errors
  • Spot VM evictions that occurred while VMs were booting were not handled properly
  • Certain VM errors were incorrectly classified as a VM error rather than a no-spot-capacity indicator
  • Catching up on metrics could cause an out-of-memory error if CycleCloud had been off for an extended time
  • Various accessibility improvements