Automatic stop of inactive Azure Data Explorer clusters

Azure Data Explorer clusters that have been inactive for a specified time interval are automatically stopped. Inactivity is defined as clusters that haven't had any data ingestion or queries in the past 5 days. The interval is fixed at 5 days and cannot be changed.

Cluster behavior isn't automatically resumed. To restart the cluster, do so manually.


Cluster types listed below are not automatically stopped:

Manage Automatic stop behavior on your cluster

Azure Data Explorer clusters are created by default with the cluster property of enableAutoStop = true. This property can be set or altered either on cluster creation or post creation.

Set this property using one of the following methods, our using the Azure portal:

For more information, see Azure Data Explorer cluster request body.

Azure portal

Set Auto-Stop settings while creating a new cluster

  1. Follow the steps in Create an Azure Data Explorer cluster and database.
  2. In the Configurations tab, select Auto-Stop cluster > On.

Screenshot of auto-stop configuration.

Modify settings on an existing cluster

To enable/disable Auto-Stop cluster after cluster was created:

  1. Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. Browse to your Azure Data Explorer cluster.
  3. In Settings, select Configurations.
  4. In the Configurations pane, select On/Off to enable/disable Auto-Stop cluster.
  5. Select Save.

Screenshot of auto-stop configuration in Azure portal.

Verify Auto-Stop using the Activity log

When a cluster is automatically stopped, an Activity log is sent. To verify when and how the cluster was stopped, use the following steps:

  1. Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. Browse to Azure Data Explorer cluster.
  3. On the left pane, select Activity log.
  4. Choose a timespan.
  5. Under Operation name, look for Stop Clusters.

Screenshot of activity log.


REST example

Update the cluster using the following operation:


Request body to disable Auto-Stop

    "properties": { 
        "enableAutoStop": false 

Request body to enable Auto-Stop

  "properties": {
    "enableAutoStop": true