Microsoft Logic App and Azure Data Explorer

The Azure Kusto Logic App connector enables you to run Kusto queries and commands automatically as part of a scheduled or triggered task, using the Microsoft Logic App connector.

Logic App and Power Automate are built on the same connector. Therefore, the limitations, actions, authentication and usage examples that apply to Power Automate, also apply to Logic Apps, as mentioned on the Power Automate documentation page.

How to create a Logic App with Azure Data Explorer

  1. Open the Microsoft Azure portal.

  2. Search for logic app and select it.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal, showing the search for Logic apps.

  3. Select +Add.

    Screenshot of the Logic apps page, showing the add logic app button.

  4. In the Create Logic App pane, fill out your app details, and then select Review + create.

  5. Verify that the details are correct, and then select Create.

    Screenshot of the Create Logic App page, showing the Basics tab filled out.

  6. When the Logic App is created, go to the resource Overview page.

  7. On the left menu, select Workflows, and then select + Add.

    Screenshot of the Workflows page, showing the add workflow button.

  8. In the New workflow pane, fill out the workflow details, and then select Create.

    Screenshot of the New workflow page, showing the details filled out and the create button.

  9. In the list of workflows, select your workflow.

  10. On the left menu, select Designer.

  11. Add a recurrence trigger, and under Choose an operation, search for Azure Data Explorer, and select then the Azure results tab.

  12. Select Azure Data Explorer, and then under Actions choose the action you want to use. To learn more about each action, see flow actions.

    Screenshot of the designer page, showing the Azure Data Explorer actions.

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