Technology partners

Azure Databricks has validated integrations with various third-party solutions that allow you to work with data through Azure Databricks clusters and SQL warehouses, in many cases with low-code and no-code experiences. These solutions enable common scenarios such as data ingestion, data preparation and transformation, business intelligence (BI), and machine learning.

Databricks also includes Partner Connect, a user interface that allows some of these validated solutions to integrate more quickly and easily with your Azure Databricks clusters and SQL warehouses.

All Azure Databricks technology partners

For a list of all Azure Databricks partner solutions, see Databricks Technology Partners. Some of these partner solutions are featured in Azure Databricks Partner Connect.

Azure Databricks Partner Connect partners

This section lists the partner solutions that are featured in Partner Connect.

Data ingestion

Partner Unity Catalog support Steps to connect
Arcion logo Yes Connect to Arcion using Partner Connect
Fivetran logo Yes Connect to Fivetran using Partner Connect
Hevo Data logo No Connect to Hevo Data using Partner Connect
Rivery logo No Connect to Rivery using Partner Connect

Data preparation and transformation

Partner Unity Catalog support Steps to connect
dbt Labs logo Yes Connect to dbt Cloud using Partner Connect
Matillion logo N/A Connect to Matillion using Partner Connect
Prophecy logo N/A Connect to Prophecy using Partner Connect
Qlik logo No Connect to Qlik Sense using Partner Connect

Machine learning

Partner Unity Catalog support Steps to connect
John Snow Labs logo N/A Connect to John Snow Labs using Partner Connect
Labelbox logo N/A Connect to Labelbox using Partner Connect

BI and visualization

Partner Unity Catalog support Steps to connect
Hex logo Yes Connect to Hex using Partner Connect
Power BI logo N/A Connect Power BI Desktop to Azure Databricks using Partner Connect
Preset logo No Connect to Preset using Partner Connect
Sigma logo Yes Connect to Sigma using Partner Connect
Tableau logo N/A Connect to Tableau Desktop using Partner Connect

Reverse ETL

Partner Unity Catalog support Steps to connect
Hightouch logo No Connect to Hightouch using Partner Connect


Partner Unity Catalog Steps to connect
Privacera logo Yes Connect to Privacera using Partner Connect

Data governance

Partner Unity Catalog support Steps to connect
Alation logo Yes Connect to Alation using Partner Connect
Anomalo logo Yes Connect to Anomalo using Partner Connect
erwin logo N/A Connect to erwin Data Modeler using Partner Connect
Lightup logo * Partner Connect: No
* Manual connection: Yes
Connect to Lightup using Partner Connect

Semantic layer

Partner Unity Catalog support Steps to connect
AtScale logo Yes Connect to AtScale using Partner Connect
Stardog logo Yes Connect to Stardog using Partner Connect