Provide administrative access to Dev Box projects for project admins

You can create multiple Microsoft Dev Box projects in the dev center to align with each team's specific requirements. By using the built-in DevCenter Project Admin role, you can delegate project administration to a member of a team. Project admins can use the network connections and dev box definitions configured at the dev center level to create and manage dev box pools within their project.

A DevCenter Project Admin can manage a project by:

  • Viewing the network connections attached to the dev center.
  • Viewing the dev box definitions attached to the dev center.
  • Creating, viewing, updating, and deleting dev box pools in the project.

Assign permissions to project admins

Use the following steps to assign the DevCenter Project Admin role:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. In the search box, enter projects. In the list of results, select Projects.

  3. Select the project that you want to give your team members access to.

    Screenshot that shows the list of existing projects.

  4. On the left menu, select Access Control (IAM).

    Screenshot that shows the access control page for a project.

  5. Select Add > Add role assignment.

  6. Assign the following role. For detailed steps, see Assign Azure roles using the Azure portal.

    Setting Value
    Role Select DevCenter Project Admin.
    Assign access to Select User, group, or service principal.
    Members Select the users or groups that need administrative access to the project.

    Screenshot that shows the pane for adding a role assignment.

The users can now manage the project and create dev box pools within it.


A user who is assigned the Dev Box User role or the Project Admin role can create a dev box.

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