Auditing events list

Azure DevOps Services


Auditing is still in public preview.

The following tables describe the type of events (or actions) that are available for auditing through the Azure DevOps Auditing feature.


Auditing is only available for organizations backed by Microsoft Entra ID. For more information, see Connect your organization to Microsoft Entra ID.

  • Any given event belongs to a specific Product Area. The full list of areas is in the Area table.
  • An event has a Category field that reflects the type of action performed during the event. The list of possible action types is in the Categories table.
  • The list of all possible actions is grouped by Product Area and can be found in the Actions section.


We try our best to keep adding new actions regularly. If you'd like to see an event that isn't currently in the following tables, consider sharing that with us in the Developer Community.


Area Description
Auditing View and download audit logs. Access, create, modify, enable, disable, and delete audit streams.
Billing Add, change, or remove Azure Subscriptions. Modify billing quantities for Pipelines, Artifacts, and Cloud Load Test usage.
Checks Create, modify, delete, and track usage of checks including approvals on protected resources in Azure Pipelines (YAML only).
Extension Install, modify, enable, disable, and uninstall extensions for Extensions Marketplace.
Git Create, modify, enable, disable, fork, delete and undelete Git repositories in Azure Repos. Bypass PR policies. Change branch policies.
Group Create groups and modify group memberships.
Library Create, modify, delete, and track usage of service connections, variable groups, secure files, and agent pools in Azure Pipelines.
Licensing Assign, modify, and remove licensing. Create, modify, and delete group licensing rules.
Organization Create and modify Azure DevOps organization. Link and unlink to Microsoft Entra organizations.
OrganizationPolicy Add, modify, or remove organization policies.
Permissions Modify or remove permissions and access control lists for users and groups throughout an Azure DevOps organization.
Pipelines Create, modify, and delete Pipelines in Azure Pipelines. Authorize and unauthorize resource for projects and pipelines. Modify pipeline retention settings. Retain and unretain pipeline runs.
Policy Create, modify, and delete policies for a Git repository in Azure Repos.
Process Create, modify, and delete attributes for processes (portfolio backlogs, controls, fields, groups, lists, pages, processes, rules, states, control settings, work items, etc.) in Azure Boards.
Project Create, modify, change visibility of, delete, and restore projects in Azure Boards. Create, modify, and delete Area paths.
Release Create, modify, and delete releases and release pipelines in Azure Pipelines. Track deployments and deployment approvals.
Token Create, modify, revoke, and delete Personal Access Tokens (PATs) or SSH Keys. Track public repository discovery and system revocations of PATs. Token access events aren't currently logged.


Category Description
Access Viewed or opened artifacts in an organization.
Create Newly created artifacts in an organization.
Delete Deleted or removed artifacts from an organization.
Execute Completed processes done within an organization.
Modify Changed artifacts, such as a state or property change, made in an organization.
Rename Name changes done on artifacts in an organization.



Want to find out what actions your organization logs? Be sure to check out the Audit Log Query API:{YOUR_ORGANIZATION}/_apis/audit/actions, replacing {YOUR_ORGANIZATION} with the name of your organization. This API returns a list of all audit events your organization could emit.


ActionId Category Details
AuditLog.AccessLog Access Accessed the audit log
AuditLog.DownloadLog Access Downloaded a {Format} copy of the audit log
AuditLog.StreamCreated Create Stream for {ConsumerType:consumerType} was set up to send auditing events to {displayName}.
AuditLog.StreamDeleted Remove Stream for {ConsumerType:consumerType} to send auditing data to {displayName} was deleted.
AuditLog.StreamDisabledBySystem Modify Stream for {ConsumerType:consumerType} to send auditing data to {displayName} was disabled by the system.
AuditLog.StreamDisabledByUser Modify Stream for {ConsumerType:consumerType} to send auditing data to {displayName} was disabled.
AuditLog.StreamEnabled Modify Stream for {ConsumerType:consumerType} to send auditing data to {displayName} was enabled.
AuditLog.StreamModified Modify Stream for {ConsumerType:consumerType} to send auditing data to {displayName} was modified.
AuditLog.StreamRead Access Accessed auditing streams.
AuditLog.TestStream Create {ResolveIdentity:ActorId} initiated a {StreamConsumerType} stream connection test from {OrganizationName} in Azure DevOps.


ActionId Category Details
Billing.BillingModeUpdate Modify User billing configuration changed to '{BillingMode}' for subscription {SubscriptionGuid}
Billing.LimitUpdate Modify {MeterName} usage limit changed from {PreviousLimitNumber} to {LimitNumber}
Billing.PurchaseUpdate Modify {MeterName} quantity changed from {PreviousPurchaseNumber} to {PurchaseNumber}.
Billing.SubscriptionLink Create Billing relationship set up to {NewSubscriptionGuid}
Billing.SubscriptionUnlink Remove Billing relationship removed from {PreviousSubscriptionGuid}
Billing.SubscriptionUpdate Modify Billing relationship changed from {PreviousSubscriptionGuid} to {NewSubscriptionGuid}


ActionId Category Details
CheckConfiguration.Created Create {Type} check has been added to {ResourceType} {ResourceName}
CheckConfiguration.Deleted Remove {Type} check has been removed from {ResourceType} {ResourceName}
CheckConfiguration.Updated Modify {Type} check has been updated for {ResourceType} {ResourceName}
CheckSuite.Completed Execute Checks on stage {StageName} of run #{RunName} of pipeline {PipelineName} in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId} have been {CheckSuiteStatus}


ActionId Category Details
Extension.Disabled Modify Extension "{ExtensionName}" from publisher "{PublisherName}" was disabled
Extension.Enabled Modify Extension "{ExtensionName}" from publisher "{PublisherName}" was enabled
Extension.Installed Create Extension "{ExtensionName}" from publisher "{PublisherName}" was installed - Version "{Version}"
Extension.Uninstalled Remove Extension "{ExtensionName}" from publisher "{PublisherName}" was uninstalled
Extension.VersionUpdated Modify Extension "{ExtensionName}" from publisher "{PublisherName}" has been updated from version "{FromVersion}" to version "{Version}"


ActionId Category Details
Git.RefUpdatePoliciesBypassed Modify Policies on "{FriendlyName}" were bypassed in Git repository "{RepoName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Git.RepositoryCreated Create Created Git repository "{RepoName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Git.RepositoryDefaultBranchChanged Modify Default branch of Git repository "{RepoName}" was changed to "{DefaultBranch}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Git.RepositoryDeleted Remove Git repository "{RepoName}" was deleted from project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Git.RepositoryDestroyed Remove Git repository "{RepoName}" was destroyed in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Git.RepositoryDisabled Modify Git repository "{RepoName}" was disabled in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Git.RepositoryEnabled Modify Git repository "{RepoName}" was enabled in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Git.RepositoryForked Create Git repository "{RepoName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId} was forked from "{ParentRepoName}" in project "{ParentProjectName}"
Git.RepositoryRenamed Modify Git repository "{PreviousRepoName}" was renamed to "{RepoName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Git.RepositoryUndeleted Create Git repository "{RepoName}" was undeleted in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}


ActionId Category Details
Group.CreateGroups Create {GroupName} group was created
Group.UpdateGroupMembership Modify
Group.UpdateGroupMembership.Add Modify {ResolveIdentity:MemberId} was added as a member of group {ResolveIdentity:GroupId}
Group.UpdateGroupMembership.Remove Modify {ResolveIdentity:MemberId} was removed as a member of group {ResolveIdentity:GroupId}
Group.UpdateGroups.Delete Remove {ResolveIdentity:GroupId} group was deleted
Group.UpdateGroups.Modify Modify {ResolveIdentity:GroupId} group information was updated


ActionId Category Details
Library.AgentAdded Modify Added agent {AgentName} to pool {AgentPoolName}.
Library.AgentDeleted Modify Removed agent {AgentName} from pool {AgentPoolName}.
Library.AgentPoolCreated Create Created agent pool {AgentPoolName}.
Library.AgentPoolDeleted Remove Deleted agent pool {AgentPoolName}.
Library.AgentsDeleted Modify Removed multiple agents from pool {AgentPoolName}.
Library.ServiceConnectionCreated Create Created Service Connection "{ConnectionName}" of type {ConnectionType}.
Library.ServiceConnectionDeleted Remove Deleted Service Connection "{ConnectionName}" of type {ConnectionType} from project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}.
Library.ServiceConnectionDeletedFromMultipleProjects Remove Deleted Service Connection "{ConnectionName}" of type {ConnectionType} from multiple Projects.
Library.ServiceConnectionExecuted Execute Service Connection "{ConnectionName}" of type {ConnectionType} executed in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}.
Library.ServiceConnectionForProjectModified Modify Modified Service Connection "{ConnectionName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}.
Library.ServiceConnectionModified Modify Modified Service Connection "{ConnectionName}" of type {ConnectionType}.
Library.ServiceConnectionShared Modify Shared Service Connection "{ConnectionName}" of type {ConnectionType} with project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}.
Library.ServiceConnectionSharedWithMultipleProjects Modify Shared Service Connection "{ConnectionName}" of type {ConnectionType} with multiple projects.
Library.VariableGroupCreated Create Created Variable Group "{VariableGroupName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}.
Library.VariableGroupCreatedForProjects Create Created Variable Group "{VariableGroupName}" for multiple projects.
Library.VariableGroupDeleted Remove Deleted Variable Group "{VariableGroupName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}.
Library.VariableGroupDeletedFromProjects Remove Deleted Variable Group "{VariableGroupName}" from multiple projects.
Library.VariableGroupModified Modify Modified Variable Group "{VariableGroupName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}.
Library.VariableGroupModifiedForProjects Modify Modified Variable Group "{VariableGroupName}" for multiple projects.


ActionId Category Details
Licensing.Assigned Create {AccessLevel} access level assigned to "{ResolveIdentity:UserIdentifier}" {Optional:Reason}
Licensing.GroupRuleCreated Create New group rule for the "{ResolveIdentity:GroupIdentifier}" group assigning the {AccessLevel} access level was added to the organization
Licensing.GroupRuleDeleted Remove Group rule for the "{ResolveIdentity:GroupIdentifier}" group assigning the {AccessLevel} access level was removed
Licensing.GroupRuleModified Modify Group rule access level modified from for the {PreviousAccessLevel} to {AccessLevel} for "{ResolveIdentity:GroupIdentifier}" group
Licensing.Modified Modify Access level modified from {PreviousAccessLevel} to {AccessLevel} for "{ResolveIdentity:UserIdentifier}" {Optional:Reason}
Licensing.Removed Remove {AccessLevel} access level removed from "{ResolveIdentity:UserIdentifier}"


ActionId Category Details
Organization.Create Create Organization {OrganizationName} was created in {PreferredRegion} region
Organization.LinkToAAD Modify Organization {OrganizationName} was linked to Microsoft Entra tenant {AADTenant}
Organization.UnlinkFromAAD Modify Organization {OrganizationName} was unlinked from Microsoft Entra tenant
Organization.Update.Delete Modify Organization {OrganizationName} was deleted
Organization.Update.ForceUpdateOwner Modify Organization owner was changed from {OldOwnerName} to {NewOwnerName}. Reason specified by actor "{ForceUpdateReason}"
Organization.Update.Owner Modify Organization owner was changed from {OldOwnerName} to {NewOwnerName}
Organization.Update.Rename Modify Organization {OldOrganizationName} was renamed to {NewOrganizationName}
Organization.Update.Restore Modify Organization {OrganizationName} was restored successfully


ActionId Category Details
OrganizationPolicy.EnforcePolicyAdded Create Enforced policy {EnforcePolicyName} was added
OrganizationPolicy.EnforcePolicyRemoved Remove Enforced policy {EnforcePolicyName} was removed
OrganizationPolicy.PolicyValueUpdated Modify Policy {PolicyName} was changed to {PolicyValue}


ActionId Category Details
Security.ModifyAccessControlLists Modify Permission "{NamespaceName}{ChangedPermission}" was set to {PermissionModifiedTo} for {ResolveIdentity:SubjectDescriptor}
Security.ModifyPermission Modify Permission "{NamespaceName}{ChangedPermission}" was set to {PermissionModifiedTo} for {ResolveIdentity:SubjectDescriptor}
Security.RemoveAccessControlLists Remove All access control lists were removed on namespace {NamespaceName} on token(s) {Tokens}
Security.RemoveAllAccessControlLists Remove {ResolveIdentity:ActorId} removed all Access Control Lists
Security.RemoveIdentityACEs Remove {ResolveIdentity:ActorId} removed an identity ACE
Security.RemovePermission Remove All permissions were removed for {ResolveIdentity:Identities} on namespace {NamespaceName} and token {Token}
Security.ResetAccessControlLists Modify {ResolveIdentity:ActorId} reset an access control list
Security.ResetPermission Modify All permissions for the namespace {NamespaceName} on {ResolveIdentity:SubjectDescriptor} were reset back to default


ActionId Category Details
Pipelines.DeploymentJobCompleted Execute Deployment for run "{RunName}" on pipeline "{PipelineName}" to environment "{EnvironmentName}" {DeploymentResult}
Pipelines.PipelineCreated Create Created pipeline "{PipelineName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Pipelines.PipelineDeleted Remove Deleted pipeline "{PipelineName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Pipelines.PipelineModified Modify Modified pipeline "{PipelineName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Pipelines.PipelineRetentionSettingChanged Modify Pipelines retention "{SettingName}" changed from {OldValue} to {NewValue} in {ProjectName} project
Pipelines.ResourceAuthorizedForPipeline Modify Successfully authorized {ResourceType} resource {ResourceId} for pipeline id {PipelineId}
Pipelines.ResourceAuthorizedForProject Modify Successfully authorized {ResourceType} resource {ResourceId} for the project
Pipelines.ResourceNotAuthorizedForPipeline Modify Didn't authorize {ResourceType} resource {ResourceId} for pipeline id {PipelineId}. The resource doesn't exist or the user doesn't have permission
Pipelines.ResourceNotAuthorizedForProject Modify Didn't authorize {ResourceType} resource {ResourceId} for the project. The resource doesn't exist or the user doesn't have permission
Pipelines.ResourceUnauthorizedForPipeline Modify Successfully unauthorized {ResourceType} resource {ResourceId} for pipeline id {PipelineId}
Pipelines.ResourceUnauthorizedForProject Modify Successfully unauthorized {ResourceType} resource {ResourceId} for the project
Pipelines.RunRetained Modify Pipeline run "{RunName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId} granted lease id {RetentionLeaseId} to {RetentionOwnerId}
Pipelines.RunUnretained Modify Pipeline run "{RunName}" in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId} no longer retained
Pipelines.ProjectSettings Modify Pipelines setting "{SettingName}" changed from "{OldValue}" to "{NewValue}" in "{ProjectName}" project.
Pipelines.OrganizationSettings Modify Pipelines setting "{SettingName}" changed from "{OldValue}" to "{NewValue}" at organization level.


ActionId Category Details
Policy.PolicyConfigCreated Create Created {PolicyTypeDisplayName} policy in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Policy.PolicyConfigModified Modify Modified {PolicyTypeDisplayName} policy in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Policy.PolicyConfigRemoved Remove Removed {PolicyTypeDisplayName} policy in project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}


ActionId Category Details
Process.Behavior.Add Create Work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" created and portfolio backlog "{BehaviorName}" created.
Process.Behavior.Create Create Portfolio backlog "{BehaviorName}" created for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Behavior.Delete Remove Portfolio backlog "{BehaviorName}" deleted for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Behavior.Edit Modify Portfolio backlog "{BehaviorName}" edited for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Behavior.Remove Remove Portfolio backlog "{BehaviorReferenceName}" removed from work item type.
Process.Behavior.Update Modify Portfolio backlog "{BehaviorName}" changed for {WorkItemTypeReferenceName}.
Process.Control.Create Create Control "{ControlLabel}" created for work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Control.CreateWithoutLabel Create Control created for work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Control.Delete Remove A control was deleted for work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Control.Update Modify Control "{ControlLabel}" updated for work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Control.UpdateWithoutLabel Modify Control updated for work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Field.Add Create Field "{FieldReferenceName}" created on work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Field.Create Create Field "{FieldName}" created for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Field.Delete Remove Field "{FieldReferenceName}" deleted.
Process.Field.Edit Modify Field "{FieldName}" edited for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Field.Remove Remove Field "{FieldReferenceName}" removed from work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Field.Update Modify Field "{FieldReferenceName}" updated in work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Group.Add Create New group "{GroupLabel}" added to {WorkItemTypeReferenceName} in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Group.Update Modify Group "{GroupLabel}" updated for work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.List.Create Modify The picklist "{PicklistName}" was created.
Process.List.Delete Remove The picklist "{PicklistName}" was deleted.
Process.List.ListAddValue Modify Picklist value {PicklistValue} was added.
Process.List.ListRemoveValue Remove Picklist value {PicklistValue} was removed.
Process.List.Update Modify The picklist "{PicklistName}" was updated.
Process.Page.Add Create Page "{PageName}" added to work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}".
Process.Page.Delete Remove Page "{PageName}" deleted from work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}".
Process.Page.Update Modify Page "{PageName}" updated for work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}".
Process.Process.CloneXmlToInherited Create The process "{ParentProcessName}" has been cloned to an inherited process called "{TargetProcessName}".
Process.Process.Create Create Created inherited process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Process.Delete Remove Process "{ProcessName}" has been set as deleted.
Process.Process.Edit Modify Process with the name "{OldProcessName}" has been modified, and has the following name {NewProcessInformation}.
Process.Process.EditWithoutNewInformation Modify Process with the name "{OldProcessName}" has been modified.
Process.Process.Import Create New process "{ProcessName}" has been imported.
Process.Process.MigrateXmlToInherited Modify Process for project "{ProjectName}" was changed from "{OldProcess}" to "{NewProcess}".
Process.Rule.Add Create Rule "{RuleName}" added to "{WorkItemReferenceName}" for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Rule.Delete Remove Rule "{RuleName}" deleted from "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.Rule.Update Modify Rule "{RuleName}" updated in "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.State.Create Create State "{StateName}" added to "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.State.Delete Remove State "{StateName}" deleted from "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.State.Update Modify State "{StateName}" updated in "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" in process "{ProcessName}".
Process.SystemControl.Delete Remove SystemControl "{ControlId}" deleted in "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.SystemControl.Update Modify SystemControl "{ControlId}" updated in "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.WorkItemType.Create Create New work item type "{WorkItemTypeName}" created for process "{ProcessName}".
Process.WorkItemType.Delete Remove Work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" deleted from process "{ProcessName}".
Process.WorkItemType.Update Modify Work item type "{WorkItemTypeReferenceName}" updated for process "{ProcessName}".


ActionId Category Details
Project.AreaPath.Create Create Area path "{Path}" has been created.
Project.AreaPath.Delete Remove Area path "{Path}" has been deleted.
Project.AreaPath.Update Modify Area path "{Path}" has been updated.
Project.Create Create Project {ProjectName} was created successfully
Project.CreateCompleted Create Project {ProjectName} was created successfully
Project.CreateFailed Create Project {ProjectName} failed to be created
Project.CreateQueued Create Project {ProjectName} creation was started
Project.DeleteCompleted Remove Project {ProjectName} was {ProjectDeleteType} deleted successfully
Project.DeleteFailed Remove Project {ProjectName} failed to be deleted
Project.DeleteQueued Remove Project {ProjectName} deletion was started
Project.HardDeleteCompleted Remove {PreviousProjectName} project was hard deleted successfully
Project.HardDeleteFailed Remove {PreviousProjectName} project failed to be deleted
Project.HardDeleteQueued Remove {PreviousProjectName} project deletion was started
Project.RestoreCompleted Modify Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId} was restored successfully
Project.RestoreQueued Modify Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId} restore was started
Project.SoftDeleteCompleted Remove {PreviousProjectName} project was soft deleted successfully
Project.SoftDeleteFailed Remove {PreviousProjectName} project failed to be deleted
Project.SoftDeleteQueued Remove {PreviousProjectName} project deletion was started
Project.UpdateRenameCompleted Modify Rename for project {PreviousProjectName} to {ProjectName} was successful
Project.UpdateRenameQueued Modify Rename for project {PreviousProjectName} to {ProjectName} was started
Project.UpdateVisibilityCompleted Modify Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId} visibility change from {PreviousProjectVisibility} to {ProjectVisibility} was successful
Project.UpdateVisibilityQueued Modify Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId} visibility change from {PreviousProjectVisibility} to {ProjectVisibility} was started


ActionId Category Details
Release.ApprovalCompleted Modify {ApprovalType} approval for deployment of release "{ReleaseName}" to stage "{StageName}" has been {ApprovalResult} in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Release.ApprovalsCompleted Modify Multiple {ApprovalType} approvals for deployment of release "{ReleaseName}" have been {ApprovalResult} in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Release.DeploymentCompleted Execute Deployment of release "{ReleaseName}" on pipeline "{PipelineName}" to "{StageName}" in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId} was {DeploymentResult}
Release.DeploymentsCompleted Execute Deployments of multiple stages of release "{ReleaseName}" on pipeline "{PipelineName}" were {DeploymentResult} in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Release.ReleaseCreated Create Created release "{releaseName}" of Release Pipeline "{PipelineName}" in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Release.ReleaseDeleted Remove Deleted release "{ReleaseName}" of Release Pipeline "{PipelineName}" in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Release.ReleasePipelineCreated Create Release Pipeline "{PipelineName}" created in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Release.ReleasePipelineDeleted Remove Release Pipeline "{PipelineName}" deleted in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}
Release.ReleasePipelineModified Modify Release Pipeline "{PipelineName}" modified in Project {ResolveProjectId:ProjectId}


ActionId Category Details
Token.PatCreateEvent Create Personal Access Token "{DisplayName}" was created.
Token.PatExpiredEvent Modify Personal Access Token "{DisplayName}" expired.
Token.PatPublicDiscoveryEvent Access Personal Access Token "{DisplayName}" associated with user "{OwnerName}" was discovered in a public repository.
Token.PatRevokeEvent Remove Personal Access Token "{DisplayName}" was revoked.
Token.PatSystemRevokeEvent Remove Personal Access Token "{DisplayName}" associated with user "{OwnerName}" was revoked by the system.
Token.PatUpdateEvent Modify Personal Access Token "{DisplayName}" was updated.
Token.SshCreateEvent Create SSH Key "{DisplayName}" was created.
Token.SshRevokeEvent Remove SSH Key "{DisplayName}" was revoked.
Token.SshUpdateEvent Modify SSH Key "{DisplayName}" was updated.