Add comments to wiki pages

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Learn how to add comments to wiki pages for better collaboration.

Add a comment

You can add a comment at the bottom of any wiki page. Comments get posted on a per-branch basis. For example, if you make a comment on a wiki page on the main branch, it doesn't appear in another published branch of a file of the same name. Comments are stored on the internal database. For more information, see Data locations for Azure DevOps.

Screenshot of Created comment on wiki page.

View Markdown and preview tabs

When you add a Markdown-based comment, there's a Markdown editor and preview tab. Use these tabs to view and change how the comment is rendered before you add it. You can also @mention users and groups. This @mention sends an email notification to each user or group, with a link to the wiki page.

Screenshot of wiki comments in Markdown and preview tabs.

Edit or delete a comment

Edit or delete any comments that you added to a wiki. You can't edit or delete comments made by other users.

Screenshot of Edit or delete wiki comment.