Data available from Analytics

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The data available to you from Analytics depends on the Azure DevOps platform and version you're using and the Analytics version you query.


For Azure DevOps Server, you can use Analytics in place of SQL Server Reporting Services or along side it. However, if you plan to use the Inheritance process model to customize work tracking, you can only use Analytics for reporting, the project collection must not be configured to support reporting. To learn more about the Inheritance process model, see About process customization and inherited processes.

Data available by platform version

Refer to the following table to determine the data you have access to. To determine the platform and version you're using, see Get support and provide feedback, What platform am I using?


The following table was last updated on August 2022.

Service Azure DevOps Services
Azure DevOps Server 2020
Azure DevOps Server 2022
Azure DevOps Server 2019 Future availability
Boards In-context reports
Power BI
Power BI
Pipelines Test Analytics
Pipeline Analytics
Test Analytics
Test Plans Progress Report None
Repos None None Under investigation
Artifacts None None Under investigation

Analytics version

When you query Analytics, you always specify an Analytics version. The latest versions provide access to all supported EntityTypes and EntitySets. For details on the supported EntityTypes and EntitySets, see Data model for Analytics.

Analytics version Supported Azure DevOps services
v4.0-preview v3.0-preview plus snapshots related to pipeline jobs, task agent pool size, and task agent requests
v3.0-preview Azure Boards, Test Plans, and Azure Pipelines
v2.0 Azure Boards only including Process data
v1.0 Azure Boards only excluding Process data

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