Develop your app in Team Foundation Version Control

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When your codebase is under version control, you can create and open files in Visual Studio Solution Explorer and write your code, while Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) does other work for you. When you check files in and out, TFVC keeps track of your changes and creates a history of your project.

Having access to the history of a project has other benefits, such as being able to find, and undo when necessary, changes you made during a specific time period. You can also see exactly what changes your teammates have made, and how your changes relate to the latest changes on the server.

Walk through an Agile developer's day

If you're a new user of Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, and TFVC, see how you and your team can get maximum benefit from the most recent version of these tools to build your app.

Take a few minutes to walk step-by-step through a day in the life of developers at Fabrikam Fiber, a fictitious company that provides cable television and related services. Their team recently adopted Visual Studio, Azure DevOps Server, and TFVC to manage their code. You see examples of how to check out and update your code, suspend work when you're interrupted, request a code review, check in your changes, and perform other tasks.

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