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Share your feedback and ideas with us, or join our communities. We're always working to improve Azure DevOps, and we want you to be part of the process!

Action More info
Find out what's new in Azure DevOps Check out the current Azure DevOps Release Notes. These notes are updated every three weeks.
Get Virtual Agent support Chat with our Virtual Agent to get help with common issues, including troubleshooting and changing the region your Azure DevOps instance is hosted in.
Get advice Visit StackOverflow for Azure DevOps Services or Azure DevOps Server.
Report a bug Submit it through our Developer Community for Azure DevOps Services or Azure DevOps Server.
Suggest a feature or fix Submit your idea or issue through our Developer Community for Azure DevOps Services or Azure DevOps Server.
Contact Support Contact Support by creating a support ticket. To create a support ticket, visit the Microsoft Azure Support Ticket page and follow the instructions to create and manage support requests for Azure DevOps Services.
Report security flaws See the Microsoft webpage for reporting a computer security vulnerability.

Documentation feedback

All articles on Microsoft Learn have a ratings tool. Select Feedback beneath the title of the article, and in the resulting "Was this page helpful?" pane, select Yes or No depending on your experience.

Enter more detailed feedback in the Tell us more section. Make sure you don't include sensitive or personal information. Although we can't reply back, we collect and review this feedback regularly, and use your sentiments in our content planning.

Tips for effective feedback

If you just want to vent about the product or the documentation, that's okay. It helps us a lot to know when you're happy or unhappy with an experience. Provide details so we can better understand what we're doing right or wrong.

  • Provide a little context. What problem were you trying to solve? At what point did it go wrong?
  • Include your role. We don't need personal or professional details. Are you a dev? A manager? A business owner? When we understand our audience, we can come up with better solutions for you and other customers doing similar work.
  • Include the version of the product you're using. What other products were you using with it?

The best feedback we get is clear and precise. For example:

  • Product feedback: "I'm a project manager for a small start-up. I'm using Azure DevOps. I'm trying to create work item templates through the UI, but my changes don't seem to persist. It's not clear what I'm doing wrong."
  • Doc feedback: "I'm a dev in a large organization that works on Java apps. I tried to use Maven with your build system in Azure DevOps Server 2017 Update 1 (15.112.26307.0), but I couldn't get the configuration shown in the documentation to work."

The more details, the better!