Azure DevOps Feature Timeline

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Features under development

This feature list is a peek into our roadmap. It identifies some of the significant features we are currently working on and a rough timeframe for when you can expect to see them. It is not comprehensive but is intended to provide some visibility into key investments.

Each feature is linked to the public roadmap project where you can learn more about a particular item. These features and dates are the current plans at this time and are subject to change. The "Timeframe" column reflects when the feature will be available on Azure DevOps Services, the "Area" column reflects the area of the product the feature aligns with most, and the "Server" column reflects when it will be available in Azure DevOps Server on-premises, if applicable.

Timeframe Feature Area Server
2022 Q3 Associate all public APIs with PAT scopesGeneralTBD
Get Attachment URL linkBoardsFuture
Adding Assigned To avatar to child items on cardsBoardsFuture
Filter to work item historyBoardsFuture
Build retention improvements as part of next on-premises server releasePipelinesFuture
Pipelines scalability improvementsPipelinesFuture
Deprecate windows-2016 and macOS-10.14 imagesPipelinesN/A
2022 Q4 Maintain backlog hierarchy when filters are appliedBoardsFuture
Emoji support in work item tagsBoardsFuture
Add `Move to Column` and `Move to Swimlane` functionality to core productBoardsFuture
Ability to change link type from Web UIBoardsFuture
Save Comment ImprovementsBoardsFuture
Credential-free pipelinesPipelinesFuture
Deprecate Node 10 from agent and tasksPipelinesN/A
Pull Request widget to allow for the selection of many reposReportingFuture
Rollup columns for query resultsReportingFuture
Show Link with Parent Name in Query Results WidgetReportingFuture
Future Support Azure Managed Identities and Service PrincipalsGeneralN/A
Auditing GAGeneralN/A
Conditional Access Policy support for device stateGeneralFuture
Access events for PAT, SSH will be available in the Auditing LogGeneralFuture
Package promote task in Azure PipelinesArtifactsTBD
Deprecate old Azure Artifacts tasks in Azure Pipelines and default to new, auth-only tasksArtifactsTBD
Work Item support for Markdown editingBoardsTBD
Improve GitHub Connection ExperienceBoardsFuture
Support Flexible Orchestration mode in scale set agent poolsPipelinesTBD
Support Pipelines App with GitHub EnterprisePipelinesTBD

Features in preview

This list includes features that are currently in preview. The "Released" column reflects when the feature was released in public preview, the "Area" column reflects the area of the product the feature aligns with most, and the "Server" column reflects when it will be available in Azure DevOps Server on-premises, if applicable.

Released Feature Area Server
2022 Q2 New Boards HubsBoardsFuture
2021 Q4 Automatically retry a taskPipelinesFuture
2021 Q2 IPv6 conditional access policy supportGeneralFuture
Improvements to YAML editorPipelinesTBD
2021 Q1 Limit user visibility and collaboration for projectsGeneralFuture
Analytics for consumption of parallel jobsPipelinesFuture

Released features

The released features timeline lists significant features delivered to Azure DevOps Services and the corresponding version of Azure DevOps Server. Versions in the "Server" column are linked to the appropriate download location.

You can also view the build numbers for each version. Versions in italics are planned for the future and subject to change.

Service Update Feature Area Server
12 September 2022 Increase Delivery Plans team limit from 15 to 20BoardsFuture
Fixed bug in Reporting Work Item Links Get APIBoardsFuture
New Boards Hub bug fixesBoardsFuture
Disable showing the last commit message for a pipeline runPipelinesFuture
Consumed resources and template parameters in Pipelines Runs Rest APIPipelinesFuture
Add support for string split function in YAML expressionPipelinesFuture
Do not sync tags when fetching a Git repositoryPipelinesFuture
Updated brownout schedule for Ubuntu 18.04 imagesPipelinesN/A
12 August 2022 Improved error message when failing to load pipelinesPipelinesFuture
General availability of Ubuntu 22.04 for Azure Pipelines hosted poolsPipelinesN/A
Announcing deprecation of Ubuntu 18.04 imagesPipelinesN/A
28 July 2022 Pipelines REST API Security ImprovementsPipelinesFuture
Use proxy URLs for GitHub Enterprise integrationPipelinesFuture
Scheduled builds improvementsPipelinesFuture
Updates to "Run stage state changed" service hook eventPipelinesFuture
Change in the default scope of access tokens in classic build pipelinesPipelinesFuture
Azure Pipelines support for San Diego release of ServiceNowPipelinesN/A
Announcing retirement of Windows 2016 imagePipelinesN/A
Announcing deprecation of macOS 10.15 Catalina imagesPipelinesN/A
Updated default feed permissionsArtifactsFuture
14 July 2022 Filter on work item historyBoardsFuture
Last Accessed column on Delivery Plans pageBoardFuture
Visualize all dependencies on Delivery PlansBoardsFuture
New work item revision limitsBoardsFuture
Current project set as default scope for build access token in classic pipelinesPipelinesFuture
27 June 2022 Project Collection Administrators can opt-in for notifications related to personal access tokens found in a GitHub public repositoryGeneralN/A
Enforcing security validation for all Azure DevOps requestsGeneralN/A
Assigned To children in Kanban cardsBoards2022
General availability of Query by Parent IdBoards2022
Support Group Managed Service Accounts as agent service accountPipelines2022
Informational runsPipelines2022
Build Definition REST API retentionRules property is obsoletePipelines2022
2 June 2022 Improved "Show more items" UXBoardsFuture
General availability of Copy DashboardBoards2022
Ubuntu 22.04 in preview for Azure Pipelines hosted poolsPipelinesN/A
Preview of macOS 12 Monterey for Azure Pipeline hosted poolsPipelinesN/A
4 May 2022 Query by Parent Id (private preview)Boards2022
Move to column position on Kanban BoardBoardsFuture
Added "Will not Fix" value to Bug reason fieldBoards2022
Upstream cross-organization packagesArtifactsN/A
20 April 2022 Auditing is now an opt-in feature for your organizationGeneralN/A
Fixed looping login issue due to incorrectly configured IP conditional access policiesGeneralN/A
Guest users will only see public user dataGeneralN/A
New Boards Hub now available in public previewBoardsFuture
Extend YAML pipelines template to pass stage, job, and deployment context informationPipelines2022
Updated retirement date for Windows 2016 hosted imagesPipelinesN/A
29 March 2022 Remove the ability to download a deleted attachment from work item historyBoards2022
New extension points for Pipelines details viewPipelines2022
Improved migration to Azure DevOps ServicesPipelines2022
Improvement to Pipelines Runs REST APIPipelines2022
28 February 2022 Updates to Azure File Copy taskPipelines2022
Improvement to user interfaceArtifactsN/A
Support for additional diagram types in wiki pagesWiki2022
11 February 2022 Improvements to strengthen security in Azure DevOpsGeneralN/A
Changes to third-party applications accessGeneralN/A
Pipelines Agent runtime upgrade planningPipelinesN/A
19 January 2022 The default agent specification for pipelines will be Windows-2022 Pipelines2022
Pipeline folder rename validates permissionsPipelines2022
6 December 2021 Announcing retirement of macOS 10.14 Mojave imagesPipelinesN/A
Brownout schedule for Windows 2016 hosted imagesPipelinesN/A
16 November 2021 Assign Azure DevOps Administrator role to an Azure AD groupGeneralN/A
Automatic retries for a taskPipelinesN/A
Consume inputs from another task in a decoratorPipelinesN/A
Improvements to service connections usage historyPipelinesN/A
The default agent specification for Classic pipelines is now Windows-2019PipelinesN/A
Improvements to Copy DashboardReporting2022
Filter on null values in burndown chart widgetReporting2022
19 October 2021 Post neutral status to GitHub when a build is skippedPipelinesN/A
Access to all pipelines is turned off by default in protected resourcesPipelinesN/A
Inject task before or after specified target tasks using a decoratorPipelinesN/A
Announcing a deprecation schedule for Windows 2016 hosted imagesPipelinesN/A
Announcing deprecation of macOS 10.14 hosted imagesPipelinesN/A
28 September 2021 Improved tenant switch requests reliabilityGeneralN/A
Emphasize tags in Delivery Plans using colorsBoards2022
Filter cards based on boolean field types in Delivery PlansBoards2022
Work item title are always visible in Delivery Plan cardsBoards2022
Show light green colored dependency icon for work items that have dependencies with no issuesBoards2022
macOS-latest label will soon point to macOS-11 imagePipelinesN/A
Updated schedule for removal of Ubuntu 16.04 image on Microsoft-hosted agentsPipelinesN/A
8 September 2021 New YAML conditional expressionsPipelines2022
Support for wild cards in path filtersPipelines2022
Support for multiple statuses in BitbucketPipelinesN/A
Allow contributors to skip seeking PR comments prior to build validationPipelinesN/A
Windows Server 2022 with Visual Studio 2022 is now available on Microsoft-hosted agents (preview)PipelinesN/A
General availability of macOS 11 Big Sur on Microsoft-hosted agentsPipelinesN/A
Removal of Ubuntu 16.04 image on Microsoft-hosted agentsPipelinesN/A
New TFVC pages are generally availableRepos2022
Configure branch creators to not get "Manage permissions" on their branchesRepos2022
Prevent fork users from voting on their upstream PRsRepos2022
19 August 2021 Improve web experience to better handle re-authentication requestsGeneralN/A
Improvements to Delivery PlansBoards2022
Support for environment variables in Linux Scale Set agentsPipelinesN/A
29 July 2021 Display correct persona on commit linksBoards2022
Support queuing or serial deployments as an option in exclusive lock checkPipelines2022
Support for Quebec version of ServiceNowPipelines2022
Change in .NET SDK preinstallation policy on Microsoft hosted Windows and macOS agentsPipelinesN/A
Changes to PublishBuildArtifacts and DownloadBuildArtifacts tasksPipelinesN/A
17 June 2021 Restrict personal access token (PAT) scope and lifespan via Azure AD tenant policyGeneralN/A
Conditional access policy support for IPv6 trafficGeneralN/A
Retain pipelines that are consumed in other pipelinesPipelinesN/A
Changes in the automatic creation of environmentsPipelines2022
Remove Insights dialogue from Build PipelinePipelines2022
Updates to Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) Windows Shell extension for Visual Studio 2019PipelinesN/A
26 May 2021 Delivery Plans 2.0 general availabilityBoards2022
New iteration capacity REST APIBoardsN/A
Copy Dashboard is now available in public previewBoards2022
Change in .NET SDK preinstallation policy on Microsoft hosted Ubuntu agentsPipelinesN/A
Permissions and checks on variable groups and secure filesPipelines2022
Preview of templates support in YAML editorsPipelines2022
Ubuntu-16.04 will be removed from Microsoft-hosted pools in September 2021PipelinesN/A
05 May 2021 PAT lifecycle management API general availabilityGeneralN/A
Fixed several issues with Delivery Plans 2.0Boards2022
Repos as a protected resource in YAML pipelinesPipelines2022
Enable empty recycle bin for feedsArtifactsN/A
13 April 2021 Delivery Plans 2.0 Dependency tracking cleanupBoards2022
Display custom work item types in burndown widgetReporting2022
23 March 2021 Changes to Azure Pipelines free grantsPipelinesN/A
Removal of per-pipeline retention policies in classic buildsPipelines2022
New controls for environment variables in pipelinesPipelines2022
Generate unrestricted token for fork buildsPipelines2022
Change in Az, Azure, and Azure RM preinstalled modulesPipelinesN/A
Disable a repositoryRepos2022
03 March 2021 Limit user visibility and collaboration to specific projectsGeneralN/A
Hide Organization SettingsGeneralN/A
Token management events now in Audit LogsGeneralN/A
PAT lifecycle management API (private preview)GeneralN/A
Approver details available in audit logsPipelinesN/A
Change in process for obtaining free pipelines grant in public projectsPipelinesN/A
Changes to Azure Artifacts upstream behaviorArtifactsN/A
04 February 2021 Limited people-picker search and taggingGeneralN/A
Removed items on work items hubBoards2022
Delivery Plans 2.0: Increase team limit to 15Boards2022
.NET Core 3.0 to be removed from Linux and macOS hosted agentsPipelinesN/A
Group By Tags available in chart widgetsReporting2022
14 January 2021 Delivery Plans: Rollup InformationBoards2022
Delivery Plans: Condensed viewsBoards2022
"uses" statement for pre-declaring resourcesPipelinesN/A
Manual Validation for YAML pipelinesPipelinesN/A
03 December 2020 Single-click to toggle between inline and diff viewsReposFuture
Navigation to parent commitsReposFuture
Preserve scroll position when resizing diff pane in PR files tabReposFuture
New Test Plans page general availabilityTest PlansFuture
Search for a commit on a mobile deviceReposFuture
Improved usage of space for new PR file diff mobile viewReposFuture
Enhanced images in PR summary viewPipelinesFuture
Enhanced branch experience when creating a new PRReposFuture
Historical graph for agent pools (Preview)PipelinesFuture
ServiceNow change management integration with YAML pipelinesPipelinesFuture
12 November 2020 Removed items on the Work Items pageBoards2020.1
Delivery Plans (Preview)Boards2022
Improve YAML conversion in the classic build designerPipelinesFuture
New Test Plans page general availabilityTest PlansFuture
22 October 2020 Removing "Assigned To" rule on Bug work item typeBoards2020.1
A batch of improvements to the Pull Request experienceReposFuture
Node 14 in the Azure Pipelines agentPipelinesFuture
Save an unhealthy agent for investigation in scale set agentsPipelinesFuture
01 October 2020 Customize work item state when pull request is mergedBoards2022
Parent field on the task boardBoards2020.1
Org-level setting for default branchReposFuture
Add a new auth scope for contributing PR commentsReposFuture
Configure draft PR validation for GitHub repositoriesPipelinesFuture
10 September 2020 Allow stakeholders to move work items across board columnsBoards2020.1
Link your work item to builds in another projectBoards2020.1
Editing description (help text) on system fieldsBoards2020.1
General availability of scale-set agentsPipelinesFuture
Run this job nextPipelinesFuture
Template expressions allowed in YAML resources blockPipelinesFuture
Control over automated task updates from MarketplacePipelinesFuture
The Test and Feedback extension is now available in the Microsoft Edge storeTest PlansFuture
24 August 2020 System work item types on backlogs and boardsBoards2020.1
Audit logging eventBoardsFuture
Azure Boards GitHub app repo limit raisedBoards2020.1
Customize work item state when pull request is mergedBoards2020.1
Pipelines images announcementsPipelinesFuture
Agent log uploads improvedPipelinesFuture
Optionally mount container volumes read-onlyPipelinesFuture
Fine-grained control over container start/stopPipelinesFuture
Unzip task bundles for each stepPipelinesFuture
Improve release security by restricting scope of access tokensPipelinesFuture
YAML preview API enhancementsPipelinesFuture
Configure upstream sources for Universal PackagesArtifactsFuture
Update Package Version REST API now available for Maven packagesArtifactsFuture
03 August 2020 Allow stakeholders to drag and drop work itemsBoards2022
Default branch name preferenceReposFuture
Updates to Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) image PipelinesFuture
[Feedback] Git Draft Pull Requests should not trigger the pipelinePipelinesFuture
Multi-repo triggers for Azure ReposPipelinesFuture
10 July 2020 State transition restriction rulesBoards2020.1
Copy work item to copy childrenBoards2020.1
Improved rules for activated and resolved fieldsBoards2020.1
System work item types on backlogs and boards (private preview)Boards2020.1
Exclusive deployment lock policyPipelinesFuture
Stages filters for pipeline resource triggersPipelinesFuture
Generic webhook based triggers for YAML pipelinesPipelinesFuture
YAML resource trigger issues support and traceabilityPipelinesFuture
Ability to create org-scoped feeds from UIArtifactsFuture
18 June 2020 Restrict new user invitations from Project and Team AdministratorsGeneral2020.1
State transition restriction rules (private preview)BoardsTBD
Tag filter support for pipeline resourcesPipelines2020.1
Additional agent platform: ARM64Pipelines2020.1
Control which tasks are allowed in pipelinesPipelines2020.1
01 June 2020 Add "Parent Work Item" filter to the task board and sprint backlogBoards2020
Improve error handling experience –– required fields on Bug/TaskBoardsN/A
Preview of scale set agentsPipelinesN/A
GitHub packages support in YAML pipelinesPipelinesN/A
Ubuntu 20.04 in preview for Azure Pipelines hosted poolsPipelinesN/A
Notifications for disabled upstream sourcesArtifacts2020
License expressions and embedded licensesArtifacts2020
Lightweight authentication tasksArtifacts2020
11 May 2020 Pipelines YAML CD features now generally availablePipelines2020
Service connections new UI as default experiencePipelines2020
Role-based access for service connectionsPipelines2020
Showing associated CD pipeline info in CI pipelinePipelines2020
Cross-project sharing of service connections is now publicPipelines2020
Pipeline resource version picker in the create run dialoguePipelines2020
4 May 2020 Azure DevOps now allows team admin(s) to create subscriptions from MS Teams & SlackGeneralN/A
MS Teams & Slack notifications for Repos eventsGeneral2020.1
Add attachments while creating a pull requestRepos2020.1
New web platform conversion - Team Foundation Version Control HubsRepos2020
Limit build service repos scope accessPipelineN/A
Run conditional job depending on variables from prior stagePipelines2020
Getting details at runtime about multiple repositoriesPipelines2020
Multi stage pipelines GAPipelinesN/A
Configure Deployment Strategies from Azure portalPipelinesN/A
13 April 2020 Support for Team Admins to create subscriptions for messaging apps in Slack and TeamsGeneral2020
Multi tenant support for Azure Boards, Repos and Pipelines app in Microsoft TeamsGeneral2020
Sync GitHub Issues to Azure DevOps Work ItemsBoards2019
Improved PR actionabilityRepos2020.1
Improved comment-related filtering within pull requestsRepos2020.1
Add built-in checks & extensibility using marketplace extensionsPipelines2020
Approval notificationPipelines2020
Accessibility improvementsArtifacts2020
Auditing events are now availableArtifacts2020
npm performance improvementsArtifactsN/A
16 March 2020 Pay for users once across multiple organizationsGeneral2020
Assign a new owner to your orphaned organizationGeneral2020
Runtime parametersPipelines2020
Agent diagnosticsPipelines2020
17 February 2020 Disable Request Access policyGeneralFuture
Preview fully parsed YAML document without running the pipelinePipelinesFuture
Disable automatic agents upgrades at a pool levelPipelines2020
Azure File Copy Task now supports AzCopy V10Pipelines2020
Custom notification subscription for draft pull requestsRepos2020
28 January 2020 Restrict organization creation via Azure AD tenant policyGeneralFuture
Read-only variablesPipelines2020
Support for output variables in deployment jobPipelinesFuture
Avoid rollback of critical changesPipelines2020
Removing older images in Azure Pipelines hosted poolsPipelinesFuture
13 January 2020 Get compact and organized notifications in the Microsoft Teams app from Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines and Azure ReposGeneralN/A
Delete bulk subscriptions created in a Microsoft Teams or Slack channelGeneralN/A
Use pipeline decorators to inject steps automatically in a deployment jobPipelines2020
Allow repository references to other Azure Repos organizationsPipelinesFuture
Step targeting and command isolationPipelines2020
Builds and releases auditingPipelines2020
Enhancements to evaluate artifacts checks policy in pipelinesPipelines2020
16 December 2019 New web platform conversion landing pagesRepos2020
Support for Kotlin languageRepos2020
Updated multi-stage pipelines UIPipelinesFuture
VSTest TestResultsDirectory option is available in the task UIPipelines2020
Use extends keyword in pipelinesPipelines2020
Markdown support in automated test error messagesPipelines2020
Collect automatic and user-specified metadata from pipelinePipelines2020
Updates to service connections UIPipelines2020
VM deployments with EnvironmentsPipelines2020
Skipping stages in a YAML pipelinePipelines2020
Inline sprint burndown thumbnailReporting2020
Create a dashboard without a teamReporting2020
2 December 2019 Use publish profile to deploy Azure WebApps for Windows from the Deployment CenterGeneral2020
Checkout multiple repositories in Azure PipelinesPipelinesFuture
Use GitHub Actions to trigger a run in Azure PipelinesPipelinesFuture
Updated ServiceNow integration with Azure PipelinesPipelines2020
Set VSTest tasks to fail if a minimum number of test are not runPipelinesFuture
UCS-4 support for Python 2.7PipelinesN/A
Create bulk subscriptions in Azure Pipelines app for Slack and Microsoft TeamsPipelinesN/A
Create bulk subscriptions in Azure Repos app for Slack and Microsoft TeamsReposN/A
4 November 2019 Cross-repo branch policy administrationRepos2020
Multi-stage pipelines UXPipelinesFuture
Orchestrate canary deployment strategy on environment for KubernetesPipelines2020
Approval policies for YAML pipelinesPipelines2020
ACR as a first-class pipeline resourcePipelines2020
Pipeline resource meta-data as predefined variablesPipelines2020
Traceability for pipelines and ACR resourcesPipelines2020
Simplified resource authorization in YAML pipelinesPipelines2020
Improve pipeline security by restricting the scope of access tokensPipelines2020
Evaluate artifact checkPipelines2020
Markdown support in automated test error messagesPipelines2020
Diagnosing cron schedules in YAMLPipelines2020
Updates to the ARM template deployment taskPipelines2020
Project level security for service connectionsPipelines2020
Ubuntu 18.04 poolPipelinesN/A
Service Mesh Interface based canary deployments in KubernetesManifest taskPipelines2020
ReviewApp in EnvironmentPipelines2020
Updated Connect to feed experienceArtifacts2020
Public feeds are now generally available with upstream supportArtifacts2020
Create project-scoped feeds from the portalArtifacts2020
A Sprint Burndown widget with everything you've been asking forReporting2020
Synchronous scroll for editing wiki pagesWiki2020
Page visits for wiki pagesWiki2020
14 October 2019 Azure Boards app for Microsoft TeamsBoardsN/A
Import work items from a CSV fileBoards2020
Add parent field to work item cardsBoards2020
Add parent field to backlog and queriesBoards2020
Quick navigation in Azure Boards searchBoardsFuture
Azure Repos app for Microsoft TeamsReposN/A
Mark files as reviewed in a pull requestRepos2020
New Web UI for Azure Repos landing pages (preview)Repos2020
Proximity support for code searchReposFuture
Deploy Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to subscription and management group levelPipelines2020
Updates to hosted pipelines imagesPipelinesFuture
CD capabilities for your multi-stage YAML pipelinesPipelines2020
Bitbucket integration and other improvements in getting started with pipelinesPipelines2020
Support for PowerShell scripts in Azure CLI taskPipelines2020
Search for wiki pages across accountsWikiFuture
Access recently visited wiki pagesWikiFuture
Instant search for wikiWikiFuture
23 September 2019 User assignment-based billing and default access levelGeneralN/A
New UI to manage organization and project permissionsGeneral2020
New rule to hide fields in a work item form based on conditionBoards2020
Custom work item notification settingsBoards2020
Link work items to deploymentsBoards2020
Use service account based authentication to connect to AKSRepos2020
Preview Markdown files in pull request Side-by-side diffRepos2020
Build policy expiration for manual buildsRepos2020
Retry failed stagesPipelines2020
Enhancements to approvals in YAML pipelinesPipelines2020
Container structure testing support in Azure PipelinesPipelines2020
Flaky bug management and resolutionPipelines2020
Enhancements to Azure Pipelines app for Slack and Microsoft TeamsPipelines2020
Updates to hosted pipelines imagesPipelinesN/A
Open Policy Agent installer taskPipelines2020
Pipeline decorators for release pipelinesPipelines2020
New Test Plans pageTest Plans2020
Support for custom fields in Rollup columnsReporting2020
Inline sprint burndown using story pointsReporting2020
Short and readable Wiki page URLsWiki2020
Mermaid diagram support in wikiWikiFuture
3 September 2019 Get personalized notifications with @mention support in Slack appsGeneralN/A
Download a list of organizations to a directoryGeneral2020
Track the progress of parent items using Rollup on Boards backlogBoards2020
Taskboard live updatesBoards2020
Policy to block files with specified patternsRepos2020
Resolve work items via commits using key wordsRepos2020
Granularity for automatic reviewersRepos2020
Get latest Universal Package with Semantic Versioning (SemVer) wildcardArtifacts2020
Azure Artifacts feeds in the Visual Studio Package ManagerArtifacts2020
Create Azure Pipelines from VSCodePipelines2020
New task for configuring Azure App Service app settingsPipelines2020
Azure App Service now supports Swap with previewPipelines2020
YAML templates for Python and .NET Functions appsPipelines2020
Service hooks for YAML pipelinesPipelines2020
Enhancement to Azure Pipelines app for JiraPipelines2020
GitHub release task enhancementsPipelines2020
Stage level filter for Azure Container Registry and Docker Hub artifactsPipelines2020
Sovereign cloud support in Kubernetes service connectionPipelines2020
Updates to hosted pipelines imagesPipelinesN/A
Lead and Cycle Time widgets advanced filteringReporting2020
12 August 2019 New UI to request access to an organizationGeneral2020
Read-only and required rules for group membershipBoards2020
Customize system picklist valuesBoards2020
New work item URL parameterBoards2020
Mention people, work items and PRs in text fieldsBoards2020
Reactions on discussion commentsBoards2020
Pin Azure Boards reports to the dashboardBoards2020
Azure Repos app for SlackReposN/A
Configure upstreams in different organizations within an AAD tenantArtifacts2020
Use Python Credential Provider to authenticate pip and twine with Azure Artifacts feedsArtifacts2020
Pipelines caching improvementsPipelines2020
Increase in gates timeout limit and frequencyPipelines2020
New build image template for DockerfilePipelines2020
Arguments input in Docker Compose taskPipelines2020
Fix warning in large test attachmentsPipelines2020
Updates to hosted pipelines imagesPipelinesN/A
Support for Bitbucket repositories in Deployment Center for AKS and Web App for containersPipelines2020
Linux Web App support for Java workflows in Azure DevOps ProjectsPipelines2020
Pipeline variable group and variable management commandsPipelines2020
Run pipeline for a PR branchPipelines2020
Skip the first pipeline runPipelines2020
Service endpoint command enhancementPipelines2020
Test Plan progress report (public preview)Test Plans2020
Enhancement to Test Plans pageTest Plans2020
Improvement to the Query Results widgetReporting2020
Comments in wiki pagesWiki2020
Hide folders and files starting with "." in wiki treeWiki2020
22 July 2019 Invite GitHub collaborators into Azure DevOpsGeneral2020
Get insights into your team's health with three new Azure Boards Analytics reportsBoards2020
Azure Boards app for SlackBoardsN/A
Customize taskboard columnsBoards2020
Toggle to show or hide completed child work items on the backlogBoards2020
Search for boards, backlogs, queries, and sprint from the instant search boxBoards2020
Most recent tags displayed when tagging a work itemBoards2020
Improved code search filtering optionsBoards2020
Share your packages publicly with public feeds (preview)Artifacts2020
Code coverage metrics and branch policy for pull requestsPipelines2020
Filter comment notifications from pull requestsPipelines2020
Service hooks for pull request commentsPipelines2020
Approvals in multi-stage YAML pipelinesPipelines2020
Manage pipeline variables in YAML editorPipelines2020
New predefined variables in YAML pipelinePipelines2020
Cancel stage in a multi-stage YAML pipeline runPipelines2020
Show correct pool information on each jobPipelines2020
Link work items with multi-stage pipelinesPipelines2020
CI triggers for new branchesPipelines2020
Pipeline caching (public preview)Pipelines2020
Updates to hosted pipelines imagesPipelines2020
Single hosted poolPipelines2020
kustomize and kompose as bake options in KubernetesManifest taskPipelines2020
Support for cluster admin credentials in HelmDeploy taskPipelines2020
In-product support for flaky test managementPipelinesFuture
Improvements to the Deployment Center for WebApp in the Azure portalPipelines2020
Enhancements to DevOps Project for virtual machinePipelines2020
Terraform integration with Azure PipelinesPipelines2020
Integration with Google AnalyticsPipelines2020
1 July 2019 Azure DevOps CLI general availabilityGeneral2020
Work item live reloadGeneral2020
Manage iteration and area paths from the command lineBoards2020
Work item parent column as column optionBoards2020
Instant search for work itemsBoards2020
Search for a work item as you typeBoards2020
Change the process used by a projectBoards2020
Hide custom fields from layoutBoards2020
Azure Pipelines app for JiraPipelinesN/A
Improvements to the Azure Pipelines app for SlackPipelinesN/A
Add a GitHub release as an artifact sourcePipelines2020
Updated Agent Pool interface in organization settingsPipelines2020
Single hosted poolPipelinesN/A
Deployments in YAML pipelinePipelines2020
Control variables that can be overridden at queue timePipelines2020
Optimizely integrationPipelines2020
Support for large test attachmentsPipelines2020
Pay for additional pipelines from the Azure DevOps portalPipelinesN/A
Approve releases directly from Releases hubPipelines2020
Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster link in Kubernetes environments resource viewPipelines2020
Release folder filters in notification subscriptionsPipelines2020
Deploy external Git repositories to Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)PipelinesN/A
Support for Bitbucket repositories in DevOps ProjectsPipelinesN/A
Select a Dockerfile in deployment center for AKS and WebApp ContainersPipelinesN/A
New Test Plan page public previewTest Plans2020
Auditing for Azure Repos eventsRepos2020
Rich editing for code wiki pagesWiki2020
Create and embed work items from a wiki pageWiki2020
10 June 2019 Changes to Azure DevOps IP address rangesGeneralN/A
Auditing public previewGeneralN/A
Manage security groups and permissions from the command lineGeneralN/A
Quickly view linked GitHub activity from the Kanban boardBoards2019.1
Copy work items with attachments and linksBoards2020
Preview text files on work itemBoards2020
See all teams in Boards, Backlogs, and Sprints pickersBoards2020
Updates to hosted pipelines imagesPipelinesN/A
A simpler way to work with artifactsPipelines2020
Use cron syntax to specify schedules in a YAML filePipelines2019.1
Updates to multi-stage pipelines public previewPipelines2020
Go get command support in Azure ReposRepos2019.1
Filtered downloads for Universal PackagesArtifacts2020
Package SearchArtifacts2020
Support for queries with tree of work itemsWiki2019
Top publisher certification programMarketplaceN/A
20 May 2019 Manage extensions from the command lineGeneralN/A
Invoke REST APIs from the command lineGeneralN/A
Manage users from the command lineGeneralN/A
Updates to hosted pipelines imagesPipelinesN/A
Create and manage pipelines from a command linePipelinesN/A
Manage build tags from the command linePipelinesN/A
Share test run results via URLPipelines2019.1
Filter by target branch in pull requests (PR)Repos2019.1
Allow extensions to add syntax highlighting and autocompleteRepos2019.1
Manage git references from the command lineReposN/A
Update repository name and default branch from the command lineReposN/A
Manage artifacts in a pipeline run from the command lineArtifactsN/A
New modern user experienceWiki2019
Support for HTML tagsWiki2019.1
Improved table creation and editingWiki2019
13 May 2019 Signing into Azure DevOps using your GitHub credentialsGeneralN/A
Kubernetes integration for Azure PipelinesPipelinesFuture
Multi-stage YAML pipelinesPipelines2020
General availability of Python and Universal PackagesArtifactsFuture
A simpler way to buy Azure DevOpsAdministrationN/A
30 April 2019 Add Azure Boards from the GitHub MarketplaceBoardsN/A
Accept and execute on issues in GitHub while planning in Azure BoardsBoards2019.1
Taskboard people switcherBoardsFuture
Repository creation extension pointRepos2019.1
Improved encoding supportRepos2019.1
Azure Pipelines app for Microsoft TeamsPipelinesN/A
Updates to pipeline creation experiencePipelinesFuture
8 April 2019 Dark theme general availabilityGeneral2019.1
Query work based on Azure Active Directory groupsBoardsFuture
Share you team's board using a badgeBoards2019.1
Query for work relative to the start of the day, week, month, or yearBoards2019.1
Export query results to a CSV fileBoards2019.1
New merge types for completing pull requestsRepos2019.1
Kubernetes manifest taskPipelines2019.1
Upgrades to Docker taskPipelines2019.1
Kubectl tool installerPipelines2019.1
Azure Container Registry in Docker registry service connectionPipelines2019.1
cgroup support on hosted Ubuntu poolPipelinesFuture
Run once agentPipelines2019.1
Support for Visual Studio 2019 (VS2019) in Visual Studio test taskPipelines2019.1
Agent pool user interface updatePipelines2019.1
Task assistant for editing YAML filesPipelines2019.1
Hosted pipelines image updatesPipelinesN/A
Improvements to ServiceNow integrationPipelines2019.1
Support for Azure PowerShell Az modulePipelines2019.1
Resource authorization improvementsPipelines2019.1
Simplified retention policies for build pipelinesPipelinesFuture
Pipeline artifacts fetched automatically in releasePipelinesFuture
Cobertura code coverage report updatesPipelinesFuture
Build failure and duration reportsReportingFuture
General availability of AnalyticsReporting2019
Notifications on wiki pagesWiki2019.1
Manage billing for your organization from Azure DevOpsAdministrationFuture
19 March 2019 Navigate to Azure Boards work items directly from mentions in any GitHub commentBoards2019.1
Updates to work item transition rulesBoardsFuture
Azure Boards GitHub Enterprise supportBoardsFuture
Edit and delete comments in work itemBoards2019.1
State value order on work item formBoardsFuture
Choose the directory of checked out code in YAML pipelinesPipelines2019.1
Private projects now get 60 minutes of run time per pipeline jobPipelinesFuture
Updates to hosted pipeline imagesPipelinesN/A
Duffle tool installer task in build and release pipelinePipelines2019.1
Approve Azure Pipelines deployments from SlackPipelinesFuture
All source providers included in the new build pipeline wizardPipelinesFuture
GitHub comments trigger optimizationsPipelinesFuture
Publish CTest and PHPUnit test resultsPipelines2019.1
Upstream sources for MavenArtifacts2019.1
Analytics services OData version change for test entity setsReportingFuture
Resolve Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) disconnected usersAdministrationFuture
25 February 2019 Azure DevOps CLI extensionGeneralN/A
Navigate to Azure Boards work items directly from GitHub pull request mentionsBoards2019.1
Deploy your local Git web apps for Windows, Linux, and Containers to AzurePipelinesFuture
New Azure subscription option in Kubernetes service connectionPipelines2019.1
Notifications on failure of a release creation requestPipelines2019.1
Azure Pipelines app for SlackPipelinesN/A
Skip continuous integration (CI) for a commitPipelines2019.1
Updates to hosted pipelines imagesPipelinesN/A
Contribution point for variables in the create release dialogPipelines2019.1
Support for Python Function Apps in DevOps projectsPipelinesN/A
Schedule releases on source or pipeline changePipelines2019.1
Build and release log viewer enhancementsPipelinesFuture
Publish to Azure Service Bus session queuesPipelines2019.1
Search by folder name in release definitionsPipelines2019.1
Simplified publishing of test resultsPipelinesFuture
Azure Active Directory device code authentication flow for pipelines agentPipelinesFuture
Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6Pipelines2019.1
All Artifacts package types supported in releasesArtifactsFuture
Artifacts views supported in releasesArtifacts2019.1
Retention policies can skip packages downloaded recentlyArtifacts2019.1
@mention users and groupsWiki2019.1
04 February 2019 Show work item status in #ID mentionsBoardsFuture
View just the left or right file in a pull requestRepos2019.1
Restore deleted release pipelinesPipelines2019.1
YAML files for a new pipeline are committed by your identity, not our botPipelinesFuture
Create pipelines from an existing YAML file in any branch or pathPipelinesFuture
Run pipelines using GitHub pull request commentsPipelinesFuture
Limit pull request validation builds to authorized team membersPipelinesFuture
Publish build artifacts with long file pathsPipelines2019.1
New extension contribution points in the Pipelines Test tabPipelines2019.1
Proxy support for Artifacts-related tasksArtifacts2019.1
Delegate who can manage feedsArtifacts2019.1
Test result trend widgetReporting2019.1
Permalinks for wiki pagesWiki2019.1
Show work item status in wiki pagesWiki2019.1
All users now on New NavigationAdministrationN/A
14 January 2019 Simplify the organization of your work using the Basic processBoardsFuture
GitHub Enterprise support in the pipeline wizardPipelinesFuture
Automatic GitHub service connections in pipelinesPipelinesFuture
Display status for each pipeline job in GitHub ChecksPipelinesFuture
Default authorization for YAML resources in GitHubPipelinesFuture
Service containers for YAML pipelinesPipelinesFuture
Work items linked to GitHub commit in Release SummaryPipelinesFuture
New Azure App Service tasks optimized for YAMLPipelines2019.1
Azure AD authentication support for Azure SQL taskPipelines2019.1
Grafana annotations service hookPipelines2019.1
Query Azure Monitor alerts tasksPipelines2019.1
Inline input of spec file in Deploy to Kubernetes taskPipelines2019.1
Docker CLI Installer taskPipelines2019.1
Java long-term support (LTS) on Microsoft hosted agentsPipelinesFuture
YAML support for Bitbucket Cloud pipelinesPipelinesFuture
Avoid triggering multiple CI builds for pull requestsPipelinesFuture
Change build numbers, upload, and download artifacts in forked repository buildsPipelinesFuture
New option in 'Publish Test Results' task to fail build on failed testsPipelinesFuture
Updates to the Azure portal for creating an Azure DevOps projectPipelinesFuture
Use the Azure portal to set up and deploy to a CosmosDB databasePipelinesFuture
Setup builds and release pipelines for Functions in Azure portalPipelinesFuture
Package usage statsArtifacts2019.1
Monospaced font for Wiki markdown editorWiki2019.1
Bold Wiki page titlesWikiFuture
Insert Markdown tableWikiFuture
Embed Azure Boards query results in WikiWiki2019.1
Restore deleted projectsAdministrationN/A
04 December 2018 Link GitHub commits and pull requests to Azure Boards work itemsBoards2019
Acquire Azure Boards as a serviceBoardsN/A
Rerun expired build for autocomplete pull requestsRepos2019.1
Manage GitHub releases using pipelinesPipelines2019.1
VS Code extension for YAML-based pipelinesPipelinesN/A
Web editor with IntelliSense for YAML pipelinesPipelines2019.1
ServiceNow Change Management integrationPipelines2019.1
Links to specific lines in a build logPipelines2019.1
Specify multi-platform pipeline in a single filePipelinesFuture
Automatically redeploy on failurePipelines2019.1
Python Package Index (PyPI) public previewArtifacts2019.1
Service health portalGeneralN/A
Markdown templates for formulas and videosWiki2019.1
Restore deleted projectsAdministrationN/A
12 November 2018 REST API version 5.0GeneralN/A
New work item text editorBoardsFuture
Improved branch pickerRepos2019
Draft pull requestsRepos2019.1
Trigger YAML pipelines with tagsPipelines2019.1
Setting to auto cancel an existing pipeline when a pull request is updatedPipelines2019.1
Declare container resources inlinePipelines2019.1
Changes to default permissions for new projectsPipelines2019.1
Deploy to failed targets in a Deployment GroupPipelines2019.1
Support for Infrastructure as CodePipelinesFuture
Exclude files in artifact uploadsArtifactsN/A
Provenance information on packagesArtifacts2019.1
Azure Artifacts REST API documentation updatesArtifactsN/A
22 October 2018 New navigation is on for all usersGeneralN/A
Dark ThemeGeneralFuture
Organize reference materials with richer work item attachmentsBoardsFuture
Manage dependencies by linking work items across your OrganizationsBoardsFuture
Open work items from searchBoards2019
Extension authors can query context about the current repoRepos2019
Add custom build counters to your buildsPipelines2019
Use YAML to specify branches to build for pull requestsPipelinesFuture
Use YAML template expressions inlinePipelinesFuture
Improve troubleshooting with the pipeline initialization logPipelines2019
Default retention for YAML pipelinesPipelinesN/A
Build on Linux/ARM and Windows 32-bit platformsPipelines2019
Clone variable groupsPipelines2019
See commits and work items for all linked sourcesPipelinesN/A
Run from Package supported in Azure App Service deploymentsPipelines2019
Deploy Linux containers with the App Server Deploy taskPipelines2019
Azure Test Runner runs manual tests for desktop applicationsTest Plans2019
Public preview of Pipeline ArtifactsArtifacts2019
Publish code as wiki with Contribute permissionsWiki2019
PATs enforce CAPAdministrationN/A
1 October 2018 Azure Policy compliance and security validations in PipelinesPipelines2019
Simplified continuous delivery to Azure VMsPipelines2019
The Xcode task supports newly released Xcode 10Pipelines2019
Performance improvements when queuing a buildPipelinesN/A
Create Azure service connection with service principal that authenticates with a certificatePipelines2019
View test analytics in PipelinesPipelines2019
Change the target branch of a pull requestRepos2019
Protect Git repos with cross platform compatibility settingsReposN/A
Expanded search boxGeneral2019
Support AAD users in MSA accountsAdministrationN/A
20 September 2018 Control-specific build dependencies using container jobsPipelinesFuture
Enable code coverage in .NET Core taskPipelinesN/A
Leverage restructured Process REST APIsBoards2019
Simplify authentication using the new cross-platform Credential Provider for NuGetArtifacts2019
Store artifacts using Universal PackagesArtifactsFuture
Compress symbols when publishing to a file shareArtifacts2019
Embed a video in wikiWiki2019
Rename a wikiWiki2019
Insert a wiki table of contents from the format paneWiki2019
Manage your personal access tokens with filtering and pagingAdministration2019
10 September 2018 Azure DevOps ServicesGeneralN/A
Add Azure Pipelines from the GitHub MarketplacePipelinesN/A
Build open-source projects with Azure Pipelines for freePipelinesN/A
Configure builds using YAMLPipelinesFuture
Create YAML build pipelines using the new wizardPipelinesFuture
Manage build pipelines using the new Builds pagePipelines2019
Rebuild GitHub pull request buildsPipelinesN/A
New build status badge URLPipelinesN/A
Leverage even more tools on Microsoft-hosted Linux agentsPipelinesN/A
Track GitHub commits and associated issues in releasesPipelinesN/A
Manage build and deployment completion emails better using improved formattingPipelines2019
Follow the new unified Azure Pipelines terminologyPipelines2019
Leverage the latest extension categoriesMarketplaceN/A
Switch existing organizations to use the new domain name URLAdministrationN/A
Add Stakeholder users to save on Azure Pipelines license costsAdministrationN/A
21 August 2018 Create table of contents for wiki pagesWiki2019
Ease customization by migrating projects to the Inheritance process modelWorkN/A
Chat about the latest status using the improved Microsoft Teams integrationWork2017.2
Standardize pull request descriptions using templatesCode2019
Perform additional testing using a pull request release triggerBuild and Release2019
Deploy Go apps to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using Azure DevOps ProjectsBuild and ReleaseN/A
3 August 2018 Surface metadata for wiki pages and code preview using YAML tagsWiki2019
View work for your team in the Work Items hubWork2019
Check installed software on Microsoft-hosted agent poolsBuild and ReleaseN/A
Review summarized test resultsTest2019
View package download and user metricsPackage2019
Browse dependencies in npm packagesPackage2019
View VSTS dashboards within Microsoft TeamsReportingN/A
Investigate build history through a new build dashboard widgetReporting2019
Manage billing for your organization directly through the Azure portalAdminN/A
10 July 2018 Create pull requests without a default team as reviewer2019
Allow bypassing branch policies without giving up push protection2019
Link to headings within a page2019
View broken links2019
Attach files and images in folders2019
Open page in new tab2019
Build and release with Microsoft-hosted Linux and macOS agentsN/A
Azure DevOps Projects now generally availableN/A
Automatically deploy to new targets in a deployment group2019
Hold deployments until gates succeed consistently2019
Get started with pre-installed Package ManagementN/A
Connect or disconnect Azure Active Directory as a Project Collection AdminN/A
Public projects available in preview for all organizationsN/A
Adopt the word "organization" when referring to a collection of projects in VSTSN/A
19 June 2018 Preview our new navigation hub2019
New Work hubs2019
Queries hub generally available2019
Easily find existing work items in linking and mention experiences2019
Modernized experience in the Builds hub2019
Pass environment variables to tasks2019
Ignore a release gate for a deployment2019
Set a variable at release time2019
Organize your release definitions in folders2019
Use improved Windows remote PowerShell based tasks2019
GitHub artifacts show associated commits deployed in a releaseN/A
Use upstream sources in legacy feeds2019
Use arbitrary public npm feeds as upstream sources2019
Improved experiences in the Test tab2019
Exclude items completed before a certain date in analytics views2019
Easily navigate to dashboards2019
Get notified for PAT expirations2019
30 May 2018 Import and export Inherited ProcessesFuture
Customize column options in the Work Items hub2019
Receive notifications when pull request policies are bypassed2019
Favorite a branch from within a pull request2019
Visualize release progress2019
Run inline or file-based Python scripts in your pipeline2019
Use Anaconda tools for data science in your pipelineN/A
Simplify definitions with multiple agentless tasks per phase2019
Manage limits on self-hosted, concurrent CI/CD jobsN/A
Streamline authentication from agent VMs to Azure Resource Manager2019
Guard your user account using alternate authentication notificationsN/A
7 May 2018 Query for empty rich text fields2019
Build Ruby apps based on a variety of Ruby versionsN/A
Build, test, and publish Python apps based on a variety of Python versionsN/A
Build Java apps on hosted agents with Java 10N/A
Leverage improved Xcode build and test output from xcpretty2019
Progressively expose and phase deployments using release gates2019
Deploy to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Service Fabric using Azure DevOps ProjectsN/A
Deploy to Azure SQL Database using Azure DevOps ProjectsN/A
Release hybrid applications to Azure Stack2018.2
Control Helm version used in Release2019
Follow packages2019
Control who can pull packages from upstream sources2019
Change feed settings without having to manually save2019
Manage test plans using the new Test Plans hub2019
Fix broken links when moving pages2019
16 Apr 2018 Find phrases and code with special characters faster2019
Query work in the Area Paths of a Team with the new @TeamAreas macro2019
Trigger CI builds from YAMLFuture
Continuously deploy to Azure Database for MySQL2019
Streamline deployment to Kubernetes using Helm2019
Deploy Ruby on Rails applications2019
Configure Go and Ruby applications using Azure DevOps ProjectsN/A
Continuously deploy builds tagged by post-build processing2019
Filter branches for GitHub Enterprise or external Git artifacts2019
Subscribe to package update notifications2019
Use upstream NuGet packages from elsewhere in VSTS2019
Enable upstream sources in more feeds2019
Quickly link to other wiki pages using suggestions2019
Filter search results by Wiki name2019
Move a VSTS account between Azure subscription or resource groupN/A
3 Apr 2018 Quickly describe pull requests using commit messages2019
Perform TFVC commands right from Windows ExplorerN/A
Chain related builds together using build completion triggers2019
Scale deployments to VMs using Deployment Groups2018.2
Build applications written in Go2019
Extend release gates with task extensions2018.2
Use upstream npm packages from elsewhere in VSTS2019
Maintain feed query speed with retention policies2018.2
Publish Markdown files from a Git repository as a Wiki2019
Retain special characters in Wiki page titles2019
Extend Wiki using REST APIs2019
Integrate Power BI with VSTS Analytics using views2019
5 Mar 2018 Avoid overwrites and protect performance using repository settings 2018.2
Focus on important work using the Work Items hub2019
Query work across the iteration schedule with +/- @CurrentIteration2019
Clarify query iteration schedules with the @CurrentIteration Team parameter2019
Improve release times by partially downloading artifacts2019
Retain more control of your app by deploying your Azure DevOps Project to a Virtual machineN/A
Improve code quality with the latest extensions from SonarSourceN/A
Trace GitHub sources to builds using build tags2018.2
Isolate Azure Resource Manager service endpoints to Resource GroupsN/A
Manage entity-specific security2018.2
Share deployment status using a badge2018.2
Deploy selectively based on the artifact triggering a release2018.2
Leverage your existing subscription using an Azure AD-based alternate email accountN/A
14 Feb 2018 Recover a recently deleted repository via API 2018.2
Discuss work items in Microsoft Teams using the VSTS messaging extensionN/A
Mention a group in work item and pull request discussions2019
Use VSTS as a symbol serverN/A
Filter branches for GitHub artifacts2018.2
Filter branches using include and exclude2018.2
Release from Azure Container Registry and Docker Hub2018.2
Propagate Jenkins artifacts to Azure StorageN/A
Specify a default version for Jenkins artifacts2018.2
Scope a variable group to specific environments2018.2
Install tasks from the Marketplace directly from the build or release definitionN/A
Seamlessly use public packages using upstream sources2018.2
View quality of a package version in the package list2018.2
Link to packages from anywhere2018.2
Share your packages using a badge2018.2
Recycle and restore packages2018.2
Manage access and extensions for large numbers of users using groupsN/A
Reduced latency for Azure AD group membership changesN/A
Manage users with Graph REST APIs Public PreviewN/A
Leave accountN/A
24 Jan 2018 View Analytics Widgets as a Stakeholder 2019
Integrate Power BI with VSTS Analytics using new views2019
Views pull request merge commit2018.2
Help reviewers using pull request labels2018.2
View remaining policy criteria for pull request autocomplete2018.2
Discuss math in pull requests2018.2
Control who can contribute to pull requests2018.2
Integrate using the pull request status API and branch policy2018.2
Move work using suggested Areas and Iterations2019
Build GitHub pull requests from repository forks2018.2
Build with continuous integration from GitHub Enterprise2018.2
Build with the appropriate agent by defaultN/A
Screenshot desktop apps through the Chrome browser2018.2
Filter large test results by Test Name2018.2
Run Functional Tests and Deploy Test Agent tasks are now deprecated2018.2
Wiki Search now Generally Available2018.2
Print Wiki pages2018.2
Contribute to Wiki pages with ease using keyboard shortcuts2018.2
Calculate price without leaving the extension pageN/A
Manage permissions directly on Azure AD groupsN/A
Consider warning of single Project Collection AdministratorN/A
Connect or disconnect a VSTS account to Azure Active Directory via new Azure portalN/A
11 Dec 2017 Track code pushes to a Git repo to builds and releases 2018.2
Blame now has history2018.2
SSH URLs are changingN/A
Generate YAML templates from existing build definitions2018.2
Enhancements to multi-phase build2018.2
Hide empty contributed sections in build results page2018.2
Skip scheduled builds if nothing has changed in the repo2018.2
Run UI tests and install software on Hosted VS2017 agentsN/A
ASP.NET Core 2.0 agentsN/A
Release trigger for a Package Management artifact2018.2
Default artifact versions2018.2
Release triggers branch enhancements2018.2
Filter large test results2018.2
Identify flaky tests2018.2
Pass parameters to your test run using. testsettings file2018.2
Access information pertinent to test cases in your automated tests when running in the CI/CD pipeline2018.2
Automated tests that use TestCase as a data source can now be run using the VSTest task2018.2
Improved Marketplace experienceN/A
Refreshed publisher management portalN/A
Virus scan of all public extensions on MarketplaceN/A
TFX CLI changes for extension publishN/A
Cloud Solution Provider purchasing now generally availableN/A
28 Nov 2017 Azure DevOps Project N/A
Configuration as code (YAML) builds in Public Preview2018.2
Release gates in Public Preview2018.2
Hosted Mac agents for CI/CD pipelines in Public PreviewN/A
TFS Database Import Service now Generally AvailableN/A
VSTS CLI in Public PreviewN/A
Query last run by information2018.2
Create work items from the Queries hub2018.2
Expand/collapse requirements/people on the Task board2018.2
Grant the bypassrule permission to specific users2018.2
Rendered Markdown in email notifications2018.2
Pull request comment notifications include the thread context2018.2
Pull request service hooks merge events2018.2
Improved error messages for work items completing with a pull request2018.2
Improved Azure Active Directory integration for pull requestsN/A
Path filters for pull request policies2018.2
Pull request suggestions for forks2018.2
Editor settings2018.2
Recently used reviewers2018.2
SSH: Support additional ciphers/keys and deprecate outdated ciphers2018.2
Improved repository settings performance2018.2
Use VSTS as a symbol serverN/A
Agentless build tasks2018.2
Apple provisioning profiles can be installed from source repositories2018.2
Secure files can be downloaded to agents during build or release2018.2
Specific Java Development Kits (JDKs) can be installed during builds and releases2018.2
Improved Xcode build configuration2018.2
Updates to the Hosted VS2017 poolN/A
Docker Hub or Azure Container Registry as an artifact source2018.2
Enable Continuous Monitoring on Azure web appsN/A
Jenkins multi-branch pipeline support and link jobs organized in folders2018.2
Jenkins work items in release for JIRA and VSTS Work ItemsN/A
Save packages from in your feed2018.2
Maven supports now generally available2018
Easier feed creation and editing2018.2
Previous package versions are now a full-page list2018.2
Promote, unlist, and deprecate multiple packages2018.2
Wiki Search2018.2
Link work items and Wiki pages2018.2
Rich Markdown rendering in code repo Markdown2018.2
Wiki supports mathematical formulas2018.2
Analytics OData in Public PreviewN/A
Deprecating the Content PackN/A
Inviting directory guests to Azure AD-backed VSTS accountsN/A
30 Oct 2017 Modernized column options 2018.2
Added support for Not In query operator 2018.2
Filtering on Plans 2018.2
Add support for read-only to work item rules Future
Mention a pull request 2018.2
Toggle word wrap and white space in diff views 2018.2
Filtering in Package Management 2018.2
Revamped create release experience 2018.2
Inline GitHub connection as a release artifact source 2018.2
Azure Resource Group task - Deployment outputs as variables 2018.2
Circle avatars 2018.2
Project tags 2018.2
06 Oct 2017 New experience for code and work items searches 2018.2
Pull request comments follow renamed files 2018.2
Enhanced filter capability for commits with more than 1000 files changed 2018.2
Ctrl+S to save Wiki page 2018.2
Reference work items in Wiki 2018.2
Enable Wiki home page to show on the Project description page 2018.2
Custom Project image on Project description page 2018.2
Updated Plans navigation 2018.2
Use Azure Key Vault secrets in your CI build N/A
New software updates available on hosted VS2017 agents N/A
Bulk Deploy environments manually from Release view 2018.2
Process parameters for deployment templates 2018.2
Default properties for Git/GitHub artifact types 2018.2
15 Sep 2017 New Queries experience 2019
Keyboard shortcuts in the work item form 2018.2
Contextual actions in the Work Items hub 2019
HTML tags stripped in work item grids 2018.2
Filtering to the Process and Fields pages in the Process admin Future
Create a folder in a repository using web 2018
Get a permanent link to code 2018.2
Filter text highlighting 2018.2
Wiki page deep linking 2018
Move page in Wiki using keyboard 2018.2
Preview content as you edit Wiki pages 2018.2
Paste rich content as HTML 2018.2
Multi-phase builds 2018.2
Personalized notifications for releases 2018
Manage variables using the List and Grid views in the new release definition editor 2018.2
Branch filters in environment triggers 2018
Improved Deployment Groups UI 2018
Run webtests using the VSTest task 2018
Chart widget for test plans and test suites 2018
Preview improvements and support for different log types generated by Visual Studio Test task 2018.2
Gulp, Yarn, and more authenticated feed support 2018.2
Package feed default permissions now include Project Administrators 2018.2
Burndown and Burnup widgets 2019
Refreshed error page and seamless tenant switching hint N/A
Marketplace moves to new markdown-it parser N/A
28 Aug 2017 Work Items hub 2019
Customizable work item rules Future
Mentioned support for the My work items page 2018.2
Custom Fields and Tags in Notifications 2018.2
Inline add on Delivery Plans 2018
Forks 2018
File minimap 2018
Bracket matching 2018
Toggle white space 2018
Updated email templates for push notification 2018
Complete Work Items settings 2018.2
Find lost commits due to a Force Push 2018.2
Update default repo permissions for admins 2018
CI builds for Bitbucket repositories N/A
Pauses build definitions 2018
Task input validations support 2018
New Release Definition Editor general availability 2018
Enhancements in new Release Definition editor 2018
Release Template Extensibility 2018.2
Conditional release tasks and phases 2018.2
Approve multiple environments 2018.2
Requests history for service endpoints 2018.2
Upload attachments to test runs and test results 2018
Test batching 2018
JMeter 3.2 for load testing N/A
Streamlined user management general availability N/A
Adding User to Projects and Teams N/A
Graph REST APIs in Public Preview N/A
Profile Card 2018.2
4 Aug 2017 Copy work item processes Future
Updated order of the last column in the Kanban board 2018
See the projects using a process Future
Filtering on Kanban board 2018
Wiki in Public Preview 2018
Improvements in Wiki edit experience 2018
Revert a Wiki revision 2018
Create a Wiki page from a broken link 2018
Setting to turn off web editing for TFVC repos 2018
Identify stale branches 2018
Search for a deleted branch and re-create it 2018
Branch updates page is now Pushes 2018
Retain filename when moving from Files to Commits 2018
Pull Request Status Extensibility in Public Preview 2018.2
Let contributed build sections control section visibility 2018
Variable group support 2018
dotnet task supports authenticated feeds, web projects 2018
Ansible Extension on Marketplace N/A
Variable groups, Retention, and Options tab now available in the new Release Definition Editor 2018
Release status badge-in Code hub 2018
Enhancements to Build definition menu when adding artifacts 2018
Revert your release definition to older version 2018
Exploratory testing traceability improvements for work item links, iterations, and area paths 2018
Screenshot and annotation support for desktop apps with Chrome browser for manual tests 2018
Filters for Test Case work items in Test Plans and Suites in Test Hub 2018
Test trend charts for Release Environments and Test Runs 2018
Markdown formatting support for Test Run and Test Result comments 2018
Add link to existing bug for a failing test 2018
Reorder favorite groups 2018.2
Enable Visual Studio Code direct install option in Marketplace N/A
14 Jul 2017 Migrate team projects between two inherited processes with the same parent Future
Filtering on Backlogs, Sprints, and Queries 2018
Expand to show empty fields on a Kanban card 2018
Automatically complete work items when completing pull requests 2018
Policies: Reset votes on push/new iteration 2018
Notifications: Great email templates for pull request workflows 2018
Pull request details: View original diff for code comments 2018
Task lists in pull request descriptions and comments 2018
Ability to "Like" comments in pull requests 2018
Pull request build variables 2018
Faster publishing of artifacts from Windows agents to file shares 2018
Code information in Release with Jenkins CI 2018
Task group References 2018
Task group versioning 2018
Multi Configuration support in Server Side (Agentless) tasks 2018
Task group import and export 2018
New Release Definition Editor (Preview) 2018
Velocity Widget for the Analytics Extension 2019
Notifications: Give team admins control over the delivery of notifications targeting the team 2018
Constraints on SVG images, screenshots, and badges N/A
22 Jun 2017 Fields can be shared across processes 2019
Work item type icons 2017.2
Show/hide work item field borders Future
Allow extensions to block work item save 2018
Collapsible pull request comments 2018
Improved workflow when approving with suggestions 2018
Filters pull request tree by file name 2018
Pull request callout on commit details page becomes richer 2018
Filter tree view in Code 2018
Git tags web view 2018
Export and import build definitions 2018
Visual Studio latest and hosted agent pools N/A
Build definition menu on build summary page 2018
Release Triggers: Continuous deployment for changes pushed to a Git repository 2018
Enhancements to Server tasks 2018
Consume Secrets from an Azure Key Vault as variables N/A
Package Management experience updates 2018
Packages build task updates 2018
Project Collection Administrators can link/make initial purchase N/A
Deep link to easily remove your spending limit during a Marketplace purchase N/A
Improvements to OAuth permissions page 2019
Streamlined user management (preview) N/A
Enhanced Publisher experience with Sales Transactions for Paid extensions N/A
Setup Power BI Content Pack N/A
1 Jun 2017 Mobile work item form general availability 2018
New widgets for Analytics extension 2019
Path filtering support for Git notifications 2018
More pull request comments filtering options 2018
Search for a commit in branches starting with a prefix 2018
Visual Studio Enterprise benefit for pipelines in Team Services N/A
Work with secure files such as Apple certificates 2018
Extensions with build templates 2018
Deprecate a task in an extension 2018
Task group references 2018
Variables Support in Manual Intervention task 2018
Control releases to an environment based on the source branch 2018
Release Triggers for Git repositories as an artifact source 2018
On-demand triggering of automated tests Future
Acquisition data in Extension Hub for Marketplace publishers N/A
Q&A for Marketplace publishers N/A
GitHub and Custom Q&A support for marketplace extensions N/A
Retain VSTS identity when navigating to Marketplace from VSTS N/A
Azure AD sign in address renames N/A
11 May 2017 VM deployment (Public Preview) 2018
Azure virtual machine scale set 2017.2
Built-in tasks for building and deploying container-based applications 2017.2
Azure Web App deployment updates 2017.2
Install an SSH key during a build or release 2017.2
Retiring the old editor 2017.2
Tasks fail if Visual Studio 2017 is specified but not present on agent 2017.2
Automatic linking from work items to builds 2017.2
Delivery Plans general availability 2017.2
Work item search general availability 2017.2
Updated process customization experience Future
Modify out of the box fields Future
Files hub improvements 2017.2
Git LFS file locking 2017.2
New branch policies configuration experience 2017.2
Shares pull requests with teams 2017.2
Default notifications for PR comments 2017.2
Improved team PR notifications N/A
New tree view control 2017.2
Maven for Package Management (Public Preview) 2018
NuGet Restore, Command, and Tool Installer build tasks 2017.2
Combined email recipients for notifications now enabled by default 2017.2
Out of the box notifications out of preview 2017.2
Enhanced publisher experience in the Marketplace N/A
Owner and contributor roles can purchase through the Marketplace N/A
19 Apr 2017 Delivery timeline markers 2017.2
Visualize your git repository 2017.2
Git commits comments use the new discussion control 2017.2
Improved package list 2017.2
Build tool installers 2018
SSH deployment improvements 2017.2
Deploy to Azure Government Cloud 2017.2
Timeout enhancements for the Manual Intervention task 2017.2
Release Logs Page Improvements 2017.2
Azure App Service task enhancements and templates for Python and PHP applications 2017.2
Deploy Java to Azure Web Apps 2017.2
Java code coverage enhancements 2017.2
Maven and SonarQube improvements 2017.2
Improved Jenkins integration 2017.2
Google Play extension enhancements N/A
iOS DevOps enhancements 2017.2
Contact extension customers N/A
Marketplace feedback excluded from ratings N/A
Reports for Marketplace Publishers N/A
29 Mar 2017 Work item search for discussions 2017.2
Pull Request filtering by people 2017.2
Reason required when bypassing pull request policies 2017.2
Add and view Git tags 2017.2
Updated Changeset and Shelveset pages 2017.2
Import repositories from TFVC to Git 2017.2
Multiple recipients included on the same email (preview) 2017.2
Conditional build tasks 2017.2
Package Management adds npm READMEs and download button 2017.2
Updated Package Management experience available to all accounts 2017.2
Override template parameters in Azure resource group deployments 2017.2
Continuous Delivery in the Azure portal supports any Git repo N/A
Separation of duties for deployment requester and approvers 2017.2
Set maximum number of parallel deployments 2017.2
Q&A support for Marketplace extensions N/A
Enhancements to display publisher's terms, license, and privacy policy in Marketplace N/A
Improved sign-out N/A
8 Mar 2017 Delivery Plans field criteria 2017.2
New mobile discussion experience 2018
Optimized mobile identity picker 2018
Customized backlog levels Future
Custom work item identity fields Future
Pull Request improvements for teams 2017.2
New policy for no active comments 2017.2
Build agent upgrade status 2017.2
GitHub pull request builds Future
Keep track of your free hosted agent minutes N/A
Out of the box notifications enabled by default 2017.2
Getting notified when extensions are installed, require attention, and more 2017.2
Release level approvals 2017.2
.NET Core tasks support project files 2017.2
15 Feb 2017 Improved support for team PR notifications 2017.2
Improved CTAs for PR author and reviewers 2017.2
Actionable comments 2017.2
Updates view shows rebase and force push 2017.2
Improved commit filtering 2017.2
Maintenance for working directories 2017.2
Agent selection improvement 2017.2
Run tests using Agent Phases 2017.2
Multiple versions of Extension tasks 2017.2
Extension management permissions and new email notifications 2017.2
Updated Package Management experience 2017.2
Support for Azure AD conditional access N/A
Pipelines queue 2017.2
25 Jan 2017 Delivery Plans 2017.2
Mobile work item form preview N/A
Build editor preview 2017.2
Repo admin permission changes 2017.1
Branch policy improvements 2017.1
PR comment improvements 2017.1
Discussion control toolbar 2017.1
View PRs for a commit 2017.1
Release views in Package Management 2017.1 upstream now caches packages 2017.1
Run tests built using Visual Studio 2017 2017.1
Track changes to test steps 2017.2
Sorting on work item search results 2017.2
Linking to changelog on the Marketplace N/A
Release action in Build summary 2017.2
Security for variable groups 2017.2
Web app deployment history in Azure portal 2017.2
5 Jan 2017 New account and project home pages 2017.1
Attachments in PR discussions 2017.1
Support file exclusions in the required reviewer policy 2017.1
Highlight the PRs that have updates 2017.1
Branch policy for PR merge strategy 2017.1
Expose merge conflict information 2017.1
Team Room Deprecation Announcement 2017.1
New notification settings experience 2017.1
New delivery options for team subscriptions 2017.1
Out of the box notifications (preview) 2017.1
Updated hosted build image N/A
Firefox support for Test & Feedback extension N/A
Favorites for Test Plans 2017.1
Test Impact Analysis for managed automated tests 2017.1
SonarQube MSBuild tasks 2017.1
Improved experience for Search results 2017.1
Release Management parallel execution 2017.1
Inline service endpoints N/A
Multiple release triggers with branch and tag filters 2017.1
Set defaults for artifact sources in RM 2017.1
Variable groups support in RM 2017.1
23 Nov 2016 Search for commits in branches 2017.1
Search for a file or folder in commit history 2017.1
Follow a pull request 2017.1
Restart pull request merge 2017.1
Completion blocked on rejected pull requests 2017.1
Markdown in pull request description 2017.1
Task versioning for Build and Release definitions 2017.1
Hosted Linux pool preview N/A
Build and deploy Docker apps to Azure more easily N/A
New licensing model for Build and Release Management N/A
NuGet + Credential Provider Bundle updated N/A
Delete test artifacts 2017.1
Inline service connections in Build and Release N/A
Links build artifacts from another team project 2017.1
16 Nov 2016 Package Management General Availability N/A
Release Management General Availability N/A
TFS Database Import Service N/A
Work Item Search public preview N/A
2 Nov 2016 Package Management in India and Brazil N/A
Microsoft Teams integration 2017.2
Repo Favorites 2017.1
Rollbacks build definitions 2017.1
Disable the sync and checkout of sources in a build 2017.1
Docker extension enhancements N/A
.NET Core build task 2017.1
Build and release management templates 2017.1
ASP.NET Core and NodeJs deployments 2017.1
Azure Web App Services manage task 2017.1
Release Management available in multiple regions N/A
REST client helpers for Test Step operations 2017.1
Test case description in Web runner 2017.1
12 Oct 2016 New navigation on by default 2017.1
Cherry-pick and revert 2017.1
Commit page improvements 2017.1
Configurable compare branch 2017.1
Find a file or folder 2017.1
Suggested value in work item pick lists Future
Xcode 8 Signing and Exporting Packages in the Xcode Task 2017.1
FindBugs in the Gradle build task 2017.1
Email support for Azure AD groups N/A
Multiple schedules in releases 2017.1
Azure resource group improvements N/A
Azure CLI task N/A
Simplified Azure endpoint creation N/A
Test & Feedback extension general availability N/A
Visual Studio subscribers automatically use their free license N/A
21 Sep 2016 Attachments live preview 2017.1
Work item type layout improvements 2017.1
Disable work item types Future
Import Repository 2017.1
Markdown preview button 2017.1
Confirmation for deleting repos 2017.1
Add .gitignore during repo creation 2017.1
Verify bugs from work item 2017.1
Xcode task xcpretty formatting 2017.1
Publish Jenkins test and code coverage results 2017.1
Build summary for Maven and Gradle tasks 2017.1
FindBugs and CheckStyle in Maven build tasks 2017.1
Deployment status widget 2017.1
2 Sep 2016 Custom work item types Future
Work item history tab 2017
Managing a NuGet package's lifecycle 2017
Build queue tab 2017
Hosted build pool build agent migration 2017
Xamarin license step removed 2017
Jenkins with untrusted SSL certificates 2017
Apple App Store extension 2017
Request Feedback 2017
Checkstyle static analysis 2017
Deployment manual intervention 2017
Service endpoint improvements 2017
SQL database deployment task 2017
User lifecycle management improvements N/A
17 Aug 2016 Pull Request improvements:
Redesigned UI
Comments, now with Markdown and emoji
Auto-complete pull requests waiting on policies
Clone Git repositories from your browser using Tower 2017
Download packages without NuGet 2017
Packages: Get started quickly 2017
Queue Jenkins jobs from builds and releases 2017
Jenkins service hook enhancements 2017
Run SSH commands on remote machines from builds and releases 2017
Create archives from builds and releases 2017
Copy files over SSH from builds and releases 2017
Download Jenkins artifacts to builds and releases 2017
Use FTP or FTPS to upload files from builds and releases 2017
Google Play Extension improvements N/A
Maven and Gradle tasks produce a build summary when running a SonarQube analysis N/A
Work item templates 2017
Quickly "Unfollow" work item 2017
Drag and drop attachments 2017
Assigned to Me widget 2017
Dashboard permissions 2017
Configure test outcomes for tests across different test suites 2017
Test Run and Test Result summary – traceability to Releases and manual test artifacts 2017
Unpublish extension – Removing a public extension from the Marketplace N/A
Rate Limits – Delaying user requests to avoid outages N/A
29 Jul 2016 Git and TFVC – History view and diff view updates 2017
Restrict Package Management feed creation 2017
Release management improvements – Azure deployments, release policies:
Agent queue management
Azure deployments
Policies – Soft delete releases
Policies – Retention of releases and builds
Release definition authoring improvements – linked artifacts improvements
Release – redeploy after success
Test traceability and release environments support in Test History 2017
Exploratory testing improvements – view unexplored work items, capture web page load data 2017
Dashboard improvements 2017
Java PMD analysis in Gradle build task 2017
User management – export users and licenses N/A
Backlog extension points 2017
7 Jul 2016 Resizable WIT charts on dashboards 2017
Filter boards to a parent work item 2017
Links front and center 2017
Test settings configuration for Kanban board 2017
Comment tracking for pull requests 2017
Browse Code Coverage reports in the web 2017
Maven and Gradle tasks produce a build summary when running a SonarQube analysis 2017
Agent queue role-based security 2017
Task-level time-outs 2017
Import/Export/Clone release definition 2017
Web app deployment using ARM 2017
Partially successful deployments 2017
View and download attachments associated with releases 2017
GitHub artifacts for RM 2017
.NET SQL Extension 2017
Image action log in Web Test runner 2017
Order tests in Test hub 2017
Pick a build to test with 2017
17 Jun 2016 Git & TFVC – Browsing branches 2017
Git & TFVC – Ahead/behind 2017
Git & TFVC – Branch picker includes "Mine" 2017
Git & TFVC – Path control 2017
Git & TFVC – File type icons 2017
Work Items – An improved header 2017
Work Items – Custom states 2017
Exploratory Testing – Insights 2017
Exploratory Testing – Auto stop screen recordings 2017
Screen recording support in Web runner (for Chrome) 2017
Bugs filed as children – Web runner / Exploratory testing extension 2017
Test – History across branches 2017
Test – Automated testing for SCVMM and VMWare 2017
Release – Test status visibility 2017
Release – Support Java PMD analysis in Maven build task 2017
Release – Passing oauth tokens to scripts 2017
Build – Enable path filters for Git CI triggers 2017
Build – Updated hosted pool software 2017
Dashboards – Resizable query results widget 2017
Third-party plugins – Jenkins plug-in to RM 2017
Marketplace – Publisher review responses 2017
Team Rooms – Build vNext support 2017
6 Jun 2016 Brazil region for Visual Studio Team Services N/A
1 Jun 2016 Filtering in Kanban board 2017
Process configuration REST APIs 2017
Dashboards REST APIs 2017
SSH clients can connect to Git repos 2015.3
Redesigned Branches page 2017
Create and send links to specific sections of code 2017
API updates for package management 2017
Screenshot and system info support in Chrome Web runner 2017
Ordering of tests in Test Hub 2017
Docker integration for build and release management 2017
SonarQube results in pull request view 2017
Test results trend for build 2017
Service hooks for release management 2017
TeamCity artifacts for release management 2017
Release Management Client SDK 2017
6 May 2016 Email improvements 2017
Checkbox control 2017
Work Item page management N/A
Turning board annotations on/off 2017
Clear Formatting command 2017
Dashboard updates 2017
Adding attachments during manual testing 2017
Test plan/suite columns 2017
Build and release summary updates 2017
Release Management repository linking 2017
Copy, Export, and Import release definitions 2017
Schedule based deployments 2017
Release Management REST APIs 2017
Simplified Release definition wizard 2017
New Release Management job execution variables 2017
Improved build and pull request traceability 2017
Team Project rename permission 2017
Admin settings Work hub 2017
UX improvements 2017
13 Apr 2016 Follow a work item 2017
Change work item type 2019
Work Item move (single or bulk) 2019
Kanban board live updates 2017
Pick lists for work Items 2017
Checklist improvements 2017
Build to Line number 2017
Build log view supports much larger logs 2017
Java Build templates 2017
Xamarin Build Tasks 2017
Widget SDK: Reusable CSS and DOM templates 2015.3
Adding users from the team members widget 2015.3
Collection in the domain N/A
Release Management – Email release summary 2017
Release Management – Dashboard widget for release definition summary 2017
Release Management – Deploy based on conditions in multiple environments 2017
Release Management – Provision VMs or run a PS script using SCVMM extension 2017
24 Mar 2016 Commit traceability 2017
View Git LFS files in the web 2017
Git for Windows now includes Team Services authentication by default N/A
Custom multiline text fields Future
Test progress from your cards 2017
Capture screen recordings 2017
Queue a Run by specifying your test suite 2017
Configuration management in the Test Hub 2017
Enable build result extensions to specify order and column 2017
Configure status API reporting for a build definition 2017
Tab contribution point 2017
3 Mar 2016 View test results for each release environment 2015.2
Triggers: Deploy based on completion in multiple environments (join) 2017
Epic and Feature board drill-down 2017
Exploratory testing directly from a work item 2017
Data collection: Image action log 2017
Create test cases based on Image action log data 2017
Assigning configurations to test plans, test suites and test cases 2017
Squash merge pull requests 2017
Clone in IntelliJ, Android Studio, etc. N/A
Gated builds for Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) 2015.2
Automated testing on Azure environments N/A
NuGet package delist N/A
Office connector N/A
16 Feb 2016 Package management is now available in Europe and Australia N/A
Search for extensions on Visual Studio Marketplace N/A
Work item query charts in the dashboard catalog 2015.2
Cumulative flow diagram widget 2015.2
Flexible build policy for Git 2015.2
SonarQube Quality Gates in Build 2015.2
RM: UI extensibility 2015.2
SCVMM support N/A
Exploratory Testing improvements 2015.2
Azure SQL Database Deployment task N/A
Delete Test Plan 2015.2
#mention 2015.2
Keyboard shortcuts for Kanban board 2015.2
25 Jan 2016 Public preview of the dashboard widget SDK N/A
Create branch and links to related artifacts 2015.2
Build widgets in the catalog 2015.2
Markdown widget with file from repository 2015.2
Autorefresh dashboards 2015.2
Richer visualizations in the build summary page 2015.2
View passed test results and file bugs in build summary page 2015.2
Test summary in build status notification email 2015.2
Support for editing tags in the bulk edit dialog 2015.2
Deleting a custom field Future
Keyboard shortcuts 2015.2
Test plan improvements 2015.2
Exploratory testing improvements 2015.2
Release orchestration improvements N/A
UI extensibility for release management N/A
Search scope selector 2017
Search across Git and TFVC projects 2017
10 Dec 2015 Custom work item fields Future
Work item discussion 2017
Work item history improvements 2017
Deleting work items 2015.2
Dashboards edit mode 2015.2
Keyboard shortcuts 2015.2
On-Premises support for Exploratory Testing extension: N/A
Scope code search using path filters 2015.2
24 Nov 2015 Git and TFVC in the same team project 2015.1
Package Management build tasks 2015.2
Implement a task once for multiple platforms 2015.2
Pull Request Widget for Dashboards 2015.2
@mention and #ID in code 2015.2
Reordering cards on boards 2015.2
Global shortcut keys 2015.2
18 Nov 2015 Extensions and Marketplace N/A
Release Management public preview N/A
Package Management public preview N/A
Code Search public preview N/A
Test Results in Build 2015.2
Exploratory Testing extension N/A
Test Manager extension N/A
30 Oct 2015 Dashboards 2015.1
Improved pull request experience 2015.1
Manual test iteration results 2015.1
Retention policy for test results 2015.1
Reorder and reparent tasks from the Kanban board 2015.1
PREVIEW: New Work Item form 2017
8 Oct 2015 Azure Active Directory Group support N/A
Starting with Git, made easy 2015.1
Improved commit details 2015.1
SonarQube analysis from a Maven build task 2015.1
PREVIEW: New Work Item form 2017
18 Sep 2015 Inline tasks on the Kanban board 2015.1
Query and display of Kanban fields 2015.1
Multi-select items on the backlog 2015.1
Branch policy to require linked work items 2015.1
Export test outcomes 2015.1
Work item trend and rollup reporting in Power BI Future
Support for publishing xUnit results 2015.1
26 Aug 2015 Rename columns in place 2015.1
Choosing users for capacity planning 2015.1
Burndown with available capacity 2015.1
SonarQube analysis build tasks 2015.1
7 Aug 2015 Multi-select items on the product backlog 2015.1
Reorder cards when changing columns 2015.1
Color tags and titles on your cards 2015.1
Libraries for integrating with VSTS now available at N/A
22 Jul 2015 Power BI reporting on Work Item data Future
17 Jul 2015 Multiple activities per team member 2015.1
Configure settings directly from backlogs/boards 2015.1
Hide empty fields on cards 2015.1
Card coloring on Taskboard 2015.1
Drag any item to an iteration from anywhere 2015.1
Build your projects hosted in GitHub Future
New VSTS integrations N/A
7 Jul 2015 Card coloring on Kanban board 2015.1
Personal access tokens 2017
Adding work directly to a sprint 2015.1
3 Jun 2015 Kanban swim lanes 2015
#Mention work items 2015.1
Automated testing in Build vNext 2015.1
Team settings API 2015
15 May 2015 Build vNext 2015
Backlog navigation update 2015
Opt-in to portfolio backlogs 2015
Improved SAFe support 2015
Kanban collapsed columns 2015
Git branch policies 2015
Power BI & VSO N/A
11 May 2015 Application Insights:
iOS and Android support
Performance counters for Java applications
Unhandled exceptions in Java apps
Drag-across to select a time range
8 May 2015 Australia region for Visual Studio Team Services N/A
29 April 2015 Application Insights Public Commercial Preview N/A
29 April 2015 Extensions 2015.2
27 Apr 2015 Adding fields to cards 2015
Kanban board filtering 2015
Card options on the Taskboard 2015
Account restore N/A
24 Apr 2015 Team Project Rename 2015
22 Apr 2015 Application Insights:
Synthetic data filtering
New usage experience for ASP.NET, Java, and other applications
Daily Active User calculations
17 Apr 2015 CodeLens General Availability on Visual Studio Team Services N/A
10 Apr 2015 Configure cards 2015
Markdown editing for definition of done 2015
CFD options 2015
Web history view for Git projects 2015
27 Mar 2015 Application Insights: Save search page, pause export, and export on alert fail N/A
10 Mar 2015 Current iteration query token 2015
Reordering on the Kanban board 2015
Kanban definition of done 2015
Responsive card sizes 2015
Bugs on the Taskboard 2015
Syntax highlight for XML, Sass, Objective-C, R 2015
CodeLens for accounts in West Europe N/A
9 Mar 2015 Application Insights support for Java N/A
18 Feb 2015 Adding and editing directly from the board 2015
Split columns on the Kanban board 2015
Assign multiple people to test suites 2015
Application Insights in the Azure portal (Preview) N/A
13 Feb 2015 Limited preview for Code Search N/A
29 Jan 2015 Application Insights support for Windows Phone and Windows Store Applications N/A
27 Jan 2015 Basic license upgraded 2015
Reordering on the Taskboard 2015
Unparented Tasks on the Taskboard 2015
Inline editing on the Kanban board 2015
15 Jan 2015 VS Online ISO 27001 Certification N/A
17 Dec 2014 Quick code editing 2015
Filtering on backlogs and queries 2015
Sprint backlog and task board improvements 2015
New integrations: Slack and Azuqua N/A
Preview APIs for adding and updating files in source control 2015
CodeLens for Visual Studio Team Services N/A
11 Dec 2014 Application Insights Status Monitor and SDK updates N/A
Application Insights includes telemetry export and segmentation editing N/A
2 Dec 2014 Identity control and avatars 2015
Pull Request improvements 2015
Taskboard changes 2015
Kanban board persisted column headers 2015
Sharing personal queries 2015
12 Nov 2014 Release Management Preview as VSTS service N/A
4 Nov 2014 Bugs on the backlog 2013.4
Test execution charts 2013.4
Recent test results 2013.4
Preview Markdown and HTML files in Code Explorer 2015
Browse link dialog 2013.4
REST batch support 2015
Third-party OAuth scopes 2015
28 Oct 2014 European Datacenter N/A
VSTS REST API version 1.0 is here N/A
Service hooks is out of preview N/A
14 Oct 2014 Test artifacts as work items 2013.3
Copy and paste query results 2013.4
23 Sep 2014 Maximizing text area fields 2013.4
Navigating to links 2013.4
Work item performance improvements 2013.4
4 Sep 2014 Work Item query improvements 2013.4
Quick search through tree controls 2013.4
Longer trend charts 2015
Test Cases related to Test Suites 2013.4
WIT REST API v1.2 2015
Event and resource versioning within service hooks N/A
27 Aug 2014 A license for Stakeholders 2013.4
18 Aug 2014 Project Welcome pages 2015
Tagging support in the Test Hub 2013.4
21 Jul 2014 Using corporate identities with existing accounts N/A
Viewing existing projects in the Azure portal (Preview) N/A
Trend charts + aggregation 2013.4
Test Hub added to the Advanced License N/A
Deleting your account N/A
1 Jul 2014 Hiding work in progress on the backlog 2013.3
Full Screen on the backlog and boards 2013.4
Move to position on the backlog 2013.4
10 Jun 2014 Pull Requests 2013.4
20 May 2014 Using corporate identities N/A
Copy/Paste shared parameter data between VS Online and Excel 2013.3
End of data export period N/A
12 May 2014 Integrate with Visual Studio Team Services N/A
Service Migration with OpsHub N/A
3 Apr 2014 General Availability of Visual Studio Team Services N/A
Application Insights Limited Preview N/A
Shared Parameters for Test Cases 2013.2
18 Mar 2014 Getting started with Application Insights N/A
Search across your application trace logs N/A
28 Feb 2014 Build support for Java code managed in Git 2013.2
Java JDK, Ant, and Maven libraries preinstalled in hosted build N/A
Maven support for TF version control projects 2013
10 Feb 2014 Exporting test artifacts 2013.2
New "create tags" permission 2013.2
22 Jan 2014 Querying tags 2013.2
Removing weekends from the Burndown 2013.2
Configurable CFD dates 2013.2
11 Dec 2013 Application Insights – Response Stacked Distribution N/A
Application Insights – Windows Store App support N/A
Asynchronous backlogs 2013.2
13 Nov 2013 Commercial preview N/A
Application Insights limited preview N/A
Live editing of Windows Azure sites N/A
8 Nov 2013 Work item chart pinning 2013.2
21 Oct 2013 New account and project pages 2013.2
17 Oct 2013 Build images updated to VS 2013 N/A
30 Sep 2013 New languages supported for code syntax highlighting 2013.2
Color picking in charts 2013.2
Column options for the test case grid view 2013.2
9 Sep 2013 Work item charts 2013
Bulk edit of test cases 2013
Delete a team project 2013
Work items from code discussion 2013
19 Aug 2013 Improved code commenting 2013
29 Jul 2013 Improved permission management for Git repos 2013
Team room Git push events 2013
Deleting team rooms 2013
10 Jul 2013 Backlog mapping 2013
Team permission changes 2013
26 Jun 2013 Windows 8.1 support in hosted build N/A
Paste images into work items in the web 2013
Open Microsoft Test Runner from web 2013
19 Jun 2013 Agile Portfolio Management updates – view filter and quick decompose 2013
Open MTM from web 2013
Admin panel color change 2013
3 Jun 2013 Agile Portfolio Management 2013
Lightweight code commenting 2013
Team Room 2013
Create/modify test plans through Web UI 2013
Cloud load testing N/A
28 May 2013 Build IaaS N/A
Git alerts 2013
Backlog updates – name changed to "backlogs" and now backlogs show all items until they reach the completed state 2013
13 May 2013 Work item colors based on process template settings 2013
Usability updates – icon updates and sentence casing 2013
Navigation updates in Web UI, including ability to view past iterations 2013
Git multi-repo support 2013
22 Mar 2013 Branches view for Git 2013
TCM Improvements – bulk edit test step pass/fail, double click test step reorder, hover over inline images 2013
4 Mar 2013 Customizable Kanban columns 2012.2
TCM improvements – edit test steps when running tests 2012.2
Annotate/Blame for version control 2012.2
Scheduled builds for Git-based projects 2013
11 Feb 2013 Continuous Integration for Git 2013
TCM improvements – view test step attachments when running tests, add attachments when running tests, pause, and resume tests in Test Runner 2012.2
WIT tagging cleanup for unused tags 2012.2
Download as Zip for version control 2012.2
30 Jan 2013 Work item tagging 2012.2
Git support 2013
Test Hub in Web UI 2012.2
21 Jan 2013 Changeset context menu in Web UI 2012.2
9 Jan 2013 Account rename of Team Foundation Service account N/A
7 Jan 2013 Email work items from backlog 2012.2
Search for changesets by ID in Web UI 2012.2
Full screen mode for code viewing 2012.2
Inline diff of images in version control 2012.2
Collapsible left pane in all left panels in Web UI 2012.2
10 Dec 2012 Renamed Source to Code in Web UI hub 2012.2
Code Explorer updates in Web UI 2012.2
Hosted build updates for Azure SDK 1.8, TypeScript 0.8.1, and VS 2012 Update 1 N/A
19 Nov 2012 Send work items in email from TFS web access 2012.2
Build file counts and sizes in summary reports 2012.2
31 Oct 2012 General availability of Team Foundation Service N/A
29 Oct 2012 Build drops N/A
8 Oct 2012 400 character server paths for version control 2012.1
17 Sep 2012 Drag/drop in sprint planning to assign to person or activity 2012.1
Web usability improvements (tabs and UX modified, collapse left pane in work items) 2012.1
Process template updates to Agile 6.1 and Scrum 2.1 2012.1
27 Aug 2012 Improved source browsing, viewing, and searching 2012.1
Improved source "diff" 2012.1
Hosted builds of SharePoint components N/A
Basic authentication support N/A
13 Aug 2012 Kanban board 2012.1
Cumulative Flow Diagram 2012.1
WIP Limits 2012.1
6 Aug 2012 Drag/drop in task board to move tasks between people and stories 2012.1
Azure continuous deployment summary report 2012.1

Azure DevOps Server Build Numbers


TFS 2015 RTM has multiple build numbers, due to the componentized nature of its build and packaging process. The number of the installer, which will show up in Add/Remove Programs, is 14.0.23129.01. The number of the majority of the assemblies, which will show up in the TFS Administration Console, is 14.0.23128.00.

Release Date Build
2022 RC1 August 9, 2022 19.205.32728.1
2020.1.2 May 17, 2022 18.181.32404.7
2020.0.2 May 17, 2022 18.170.32404.6
2020.1.1 August 26, 2021 18.181.31626.1
2020.1 May 25, 2021 18.181.31230.2
2020.0.1 January 19, 2021 18.170.30910.2
2020 Oct. 6, 2020 18.170.30525.1
2019.1.1 Dec. 10, 2019 17.153.29522.3
2019.1 Aug. 20, 2019 17.153.29207.5
2019.0.1 May 21, 2019 17.143.28912.1
2019 RTW Mar. 5, 2019 17.143.28621.4
2018.3.2 Rerelease Feb. 6, 2019 16.131.28601.4
2018.3.2 Jan. 15, 2019 16.131.28507.4
2018.3.1 Nov 11, 2018 16.131.28226.3
2018.3 Sep. 12, 2018 16.131.28106.2
2018.2 May 7, 2018 16.131.27701.1
2018.1.2 Nov. 27, 2018 16.122.28313.3
2018.1.1 Sep. 12, 2018 16.122.28028.4
2018.1 Feb. 20, 2018 16.122.27409.2
2018 RTW Nov. 15, 2017 16.122.27102.1
2017.3.1 Feb. 28, 2018 15.117.27414.0
2017.3 Nov. 6, 2017 15.117.27024.0
2017.2 Jul. 24, 2017 15.117.26714.00
2017.1 Mar. 9, 2017 (Mar. 7, 2017) 15.112.26307.00 (15.112.26301.0)
2017.0.1 Feb. 28, 2018 15.105.27412.0
2017 RTM Nov. 16, 2016 15.105.25910.00
2015.4.2 Apr. 9, 2019 14.114.28805.0
2015.4.1 Feb. 28, 2018 14.114.26412.0
2015.4 Apr. 11, 2017 14.114.26403.0
2015.3 Jun. 27, 2016 14.102.25423.00
2015.2 May 5, 2016 14.95.25122.00
2015.1 Nov. 30, 2015 14.0.24720.00
2015 RTM Aug. 6, 2015 14.0.23128.00
2013.5 Jul. 19, 2015 12.0.40629.0
2013.4 Nov. 11, 2014 12.0.31101.00
2013.3 Aug. 4, 2014 12.0.30723.00
2013.2 Apr. 2, 2014 12.0.30324.00
2013 RTM Nov. 18, 2013 12.0.21005.01
2012.4 Nov. 12, 2013 11.0.61030.0
2012.3 Jun. 26, 2013 11.0.60610.01
2012.2 Apr. 4, 2013 11.0.60315.01
2012.1 Dec. 12, 2012 11.0.51106.01
2012 RTM Aug. 15, 2012 11.0.50727.01

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