FAQs about signing up and getting started

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Signing up for Azure DevOps is now easier than ever - it's a two-minute process. See the following frequently asked questions (FAQs), which contain links for getting started.

How do I sign up for the cloud?

How do I get started on-premises?

How do I connect with a client tool?

Go to one of the following pages to download a version of Visual Studio or client tool plug-in that supports connecting to a project:

How much does Azure DevOps cost?

How do I share code?

See about sharing code.

How do I track work?

What do I do as an admin?

What client-server compatibility issue are there?

Can stakeholders who don't use Visual Studio participate on our team?

Yes. You can provide access to Stakeholders who have no client access license for the following activities:

Are there other clients that connect to Azure DevOps?

Yes. You can connect to a project from one of the following clients:


Team Foundation Server Power Tools is deprecated for TFS 2017 and later versions.

Why can't I connect to a project?