Resize a lab VM in Azure DevTest Labs

Azure DevTest Labs supports changing the size of a lab virtual machine (VM), based on changing needs for CPU, network, or disk performance. This article describes how to resize a lab VM.


The resize feature complies with lab policy for allowed VM sizes. You can resize a VM only to sizes that lab policy allows.

Stop the VM

To avoid losing work, disconnect from and stop the VM before resizing it.

  1. If you're connected to the VM through secure shell (SSH) or remote desktop session (RDP), save your work and disconnect from the VM.

  2. In the Azure portal, on your lab's Overview page, select the VM you want to resize from the list under My virtual machines.

    Screenshot that shows a V M selected on a lab's Overview page.

  3. On the VM's Overview page, select Stop on the toolbar.

    Screenshot that shows selecting Stop on the Overview page for a V M.

Once the VM stops, or if the VM is already stopped, Stop is grayed out.

Resize the VM

  1. On the VM's Overview page, select Size under Settings in the left navigation.

    Screenshot that shows selecting Size in the V M's left navigation.

  2. On the Select a VM size screen, select a new size for your VM, and then select Select.

    Screenshot that shows selecting a V M size.

    You can check the status of the resize operation in the Notifications window.

    Screenshot of the Notifications window that shows resizing status.

  3. When the resize finishes, start the VM by selecting Start from the VM's Overview page toolbar.

Next steps

For more information about the resize feature for Azure VMs, see Resize virtual machines.