Setting up access for Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

There are two ways to access your subscription so that you can deploy software to your students and outfit your labs:

  1. By downloading software and keys from the Visual Studio Subscription Portal.
  2. Granting access for students to the Education Hub Store.

For more information, visit the Azure for Education website.

For Administrators only

Administrators access Azure dev tools through the Visual Studio Subscription Portal.

To request access to your Visual Studio Subscription, you can do so through the Management Portal. Once approved, you'll have access to the Visual Studio Subscriptions Portal. If this is your first time accessing the Visual Studio Subscription Portal, you'll be prompted to link a Microsoft Account with the email address that was provided when you enrolled. You'll need your Subscriber ID or Benefits Access Number, the first and last name of an administrator, and the email given during enrollment to link these accounts. After linking your accounts, you'll be able to access the Visual Studio Subscriber Portal.

For students, faculty, and administrators

Studences access Azure dev tools through the Education Hub.

Students and faculty alike can get access to all the software download benefits through the Education Hub. The Education Hub is built within the Azure portal and it provides your students easy access to the entire catalog of software, as well as access to the entire Microsoft Learn training catalog.

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