What is Azure Data Manager for Energy?

Azure Data Manager for Energy is a secure, reliable, hyperscale, fully managed cloud-based data platform solution for the energy industry. It is an enterprise-grade data platform that brings together the capabilities of OSDU™ Data Platform, Microsoft's secure and trusted Azure cloud platform, and SLB's extensive domain expertise. It allows customers to free data from silos, provides strong data management, storage, and federation strategy. Azure Data Manager for Energy ensures compatibility with evolving community standards like OSDU™ and enables value addition through interoperability with both first-party and third-party solutions.


Azure Data Manager for Energy conforms to the following principles:

Fully managed OSDU™ platform

Azure Data Manager for Energy is a first-party PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering where Microsoft manages the deployment, monitoring, management, scale, security, updates, and upgrades of the service so that the customers can focus on the value from the platform. Microsoft offers seamless upgrades to the latest OSDU™ milestone versions after testing and validation.

Furthermore, Azure Data Manager for Energy provides security capabilities like encryption for data-in-transit and data-at-rest. The authentication and authorization are provided by Azure Active Directory. Microsoft also assumes the responsibility of providing regular security patches and updates.

Azure Data Manager for Energy also supports multiple data partitions for every platform instance. More data partitions can also be created after creating an instance, as needed.

As an Azure-based service, it also provides elasticity with auto-scaling to handle dynamically varying workload requirements. The service provides out-of-the-box compatibility and built-in integration with industry-leading applications from SLB, including Petrel to provide quick time to value.

Microsoft will provide support for the platform to enable our customers' use cases.

Accelerated innovation with openness in mind

Azure Data Manager for Energy is compatible with the OSDU™ Technical Standard enables seamless integration of existing applications that have been developed in alignment with the emerging requirements of the OSDU™ Standard.

The platform's openness and integration with Microsoft Azure Marketplace brings industry-leading applications, solutions, and integration services offered by our extensive partner ecosystem to our customers.

Extensibility with the Microsoft ecosystem

Most of our customers rely on ubiquitous tools and applications from Microsoft. The Azure Data Manager for Energy platform is piloting how it can seamlessly work with deeply used Microsoft apps like SharePoint for data ingestion, Synapse for data transformations and pipelines, Power BI for data visualization, and other possibilities. A Power BI connector has already been released in the community, and partners are leveraging these tools and connectors to enhance their integrations with Microsoft apps and services.

OSDU™ is a trademark of The Open Group.

Next steps

Follow the quickstart guide to quickly deploy Azure Data Manager for Energy in your Azure subscription