What is Azure Front Door manager?

The Front Door manager in Azure Front Door Standard and Premium provides an overview of endpoints you've configured for your Azure Front Door profile. With Front Door manager, you can manage your collection of endpoints. You can also configure routings rules along with their domains and origin groups, and security policies you want to apply to protect your web application.

Screen shot of the Azure Front Door manager page.

Routes within an endpoint

An endpoint is a logical grouping of one or more routes that are associated with domain names. A route contains the origin group configuration and routing rules between domains and origins. An endpoint can have one or more routes. A route can have multiple domains but only one origin group. You need to have at least one configured route in order for traffic to route between your domains and the origin group.


  • You can enable or disable an endpoint or a route.
  • Traffic will only flow to origins once both the endpoint and route is enabled.

Domains configured within a route can either be a custom domain or an endpoint domain. For more information about custom domains, see create a custom domain with Azure Front Door. Endpoint domains refer to the auto generated domain name when you create a new endpoint. The name is a unique endpoint hostname with a hash value in the format of endpointname-hash.z01.azurefd.net. The endpoint domain is accessible if you associate it with a route.

Security policy in an endpoint

A security policy is an association of one or more domains with a Web Application Firewall (WAF) policy. The WAF policy provides centralized protection for your web applications. If you manage security policies using the Azure portal, you can only associate a security policy with domains that are in the Routes configuration of that endpoint.


  • If you see one of your domains is unhealthy, you can select the domain to take you to the domains page. From there you can take appropriate actions to troubleshoot the unhealthy domain.
  • If you're running a large Azure Front Door profile, review Azure Front Door service limits and Azure Front Door routing limits to better manage your Azure Front Door.

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