Overview of the MedTech service scenario-based mappings samples

The MedTech service scenario-based samples provide conforming and valid device and FHIR® destination mappings and test device messages. Theses samples can be used to help with the authoring and troubleshooting of your own MedTech service mappings.

Sample resources

Each MedTech service scenario-based sample contains the following resources:

  • Device mapping
  • FHIR destination mapping
  • Test device message(s)


You can use the MedTech service Mapping debugger for assistance creating, updating, and troubleshooting the MedTech service device and FHIR destination mappings. The Mapping debugger enables you to easily view and make inline adjustments in real-time, without ever having to leave the Azure portal. The Mapping debugger can also be used for uploading test device messages to see how they'll look after being processed into normalized messages and transformed into FHIR Observations.


Conversions using functions


Single device message into multiple resources

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