Deploy an update by using Device Update for Azure IoT Hub

Learn how to deploy an update to an IoT device by using Device Update for Azure IoT Hub.


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Deploy the update

  1. In the Azure portal, navigate to your IoT hub.

  2. Select Updates from the navigation menu to open the Device Update page of your IoT Hub instance.

    Screenshot that shows the Get started with the Device Update for IoT Hub page.

  3. Select the Groups and Deployments tab at the top of the page. For more information, see Device groups.

    Screenshot that shows the Groups and Deployments tab.

  4. View the update compliance chart and group list. You should see a new update available for your tag based or default group. You might need to refresh once. For more information, see Device Update compliance.

  5. Select Deploy next to the one or more updates available, and confirm that the descriptive label you added when importing is present and looks correct.

  6. Confirm that the correct group is selected as the target group and select Deploy.

  7. To start the deployment, go to the Current deployment tab. Select the Deploy link next to the desired update from the Available updates section. The best available update for a given group is denoted with a Best highlight.

    Screenshot that shows Best highlighted.

  8. Schedule your deployment to start immediately or in the future.


    By default, the Start date and time is set to Immediately. Be sure to select a different date and time if you want the deployment to begin later.

    Screenshot that shows the Create deployment screen

  9. Create an automatic rollback policy if needed. Then select Create.

  10. In the deployment details, Status turns to Active. The deployed update is marked with (deploying).

    Screenshot that shows deployment as Active.

  11. View the compliance chart to see that the update is now in progress.

    Screenshot that shows Updates in progress.

  12. After your device is successfully updated, you see that your compliance chart and deployment details updated to reflect the same.

    Screenshot that shows the update succeeded.

Monitor an update deployment

  1. Select the group you deployed to, and go to the Current updates or Deployment history tab to confirm that the deployment is in progress

    Screenshot that shows the Deployment history tab.

  2. Select Details next to the deployment you created. Here you can view the deployment details, update details, and target device class details. You can optionally add a friendly name for the device class.

    Screenshot that shows deployment details.

  3. Select Refresh to view the latest status details.

  4. You can go to the group basics view to search the status for a particular device, or filter to view devices that have failed the deployment

Retry an update deployment

If your deployment fails for some reason, you can retry the deployment for failed devices.

  1. Go to the Current deployment tab on the Group details screen.

    Screenshot that shows the deployment as Active.

  2. Select Retry failed devices and acknowledge the confirmation notification.

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