Common error codes for Azure Key Vault

The error codes listed in the following table may be returned by an operation on Azure Key Vault.

Error code User message
VaultAlreadyExists Your attempt to create a new key vault with the specified name has failed since the name is already in use. If you recently deleted a key vault with this name, it may still be in the soft deleted state. You can verify if it exists in soft-deleted state here
VaultNameNotValid The vault name should be string of 3 to 24 characters and can contain only numbers (0-9), letters (a-z, A-Z), and hyphens (-)
AccessDenied You may be missing permissions in access policy to do that operation.
ForbiddenByFirewall Client address isn't authorized and caller isn't a trusted service.
ConflictError You're requesting multiple operations on the same item, for example, Key Vault, secret, key, certificate, or common components within a Key Vault like VNET. It's recommended to sequence operations or to implement retry logic.
RegionNotSupported Specified Azure region isn't supported for this resource.
SkuNotSupported Specified SKU type isn't supported for this resource.
ResourceNotFound Specified Azure resource isn't found.
ResourceGroupNotFound Specified Azure resource group isn't found.
CertificateExpired Check the expiration date and validity period of the certificate.

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