Connect to a VM using Remote Desktop Protocol on a Mac

This section shows how a student can connect to a lab VM from a Mac by using RDP.

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop on a Mac

  1. Open the App Store on your Mac, and search for Microsoft Remote Desktop. Screenshot of Microsoft Remote Desktop app in the App Store.
  2. Install the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Access the VM from your Mac using RDP

  1. On the tile for your VM, ensure the VM is running and select the Connect icon.

    Screenshot of My virtual machines page for Azure Lab Services.  The connect icon button on the VM tile is highlighted.

  2. If you’re connecting to a Linux VM, you'll see two options to connect to the VM: SSH and RDP. Select the Connect via RDP option. If you're connecting to a Windows VM, you don't need to choose an connection option. The RDP file will automatically start downloading.

    Screenshot that shows V M tile for student.  The R D P and S S H connection options are highlighted.

  3. Open the RDP file that's downloaded on your computer with Microsoft Remote Desktop app previously installed. It should start connecting to the VM.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Remote Desktop app connecting to a remote VM.

  4. Select Continue if you receive the following warning.

    Screenshot of certificate error for Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

  5. You should see the VM desktop. The following example is for a CentOS Linux VM.

    Screenshot of desktop for CentOs Linux VM.

Next steps