Az.LabServices PowerShell module for lab accounts in Azure Lab Services


The information in this article applies to lab accounts. Azure Lab Services lab plans replace lab accounts. Learn how you can get started by creating a lab plan. For existing lab account customers, we recommend that you migrate from lab accounts to lab plans.


To learn more about the integrated Az module experience available with lab plans, see Quickstart: Create a lab plan using PowerShell and the Azure modules.

The Az.LabServices PowerShell module simplifies the management of Azure Lab Services. This module provides composable functions to create, query, update and delete resources, such as labs, lab accounts, VMs, and images.

Install and launch

  1. Install Azure PowerShell.

  2. Download Az.LabServices.psm1 module to your machine.

  3. Import the module:

    Import-Module .\Az.LabServices.psm1

Some example commands:

# To list all the labs in your subscription:
Get-AzLabAccount | Get-AzLab

# To stop all running VMs in all labs
Get-AzLabAccount | Get-AzLab | Get-AzLabVm -Status Running | Stop-AzLabVm

Next steps

Learn more about module at the Az.LabServices home page on GitHub.