Supported Apache JMeter features in Azure Load Testing

Azure Load Testing enables you to use an existing Apache JMeter script (JMX) to create and run a load test. This article explains which Apache JMeter features are supported in Azure Load Testing.

See the Azure Load Testing overview to learn how Azure Load Testing works.

Supported Apache JMeter version

Azure Load Testing uses Apache JMeter version 5.6.3 for running load tests.

Apache JMeter support details

The following table lists the Apache JMeter features and their support in Azure Load Testing.

Feature Details More information
Test plan elements - Thread groups
- Variables
- Functions
- Samplers
- Logic controllers
- Timers
- Assertions
- Preprocessors
- Postprocessors
Create a load test by using a JMeter script
Samplers All samplers and protocols are supported. Create a load test with a JMeter script
Controllers All logic controllers are supported, except for Include controller, Module controller, and Recording controller. Create a load test with a JMeter script
Scripting - BeanShell
- JSR223 script
Configuration elements All configuration elements are supported. Example: Read data from a CSV file
JMeter properties Azure Load Testing supports uploading a single user properties file per load test to override JMeter configuration settings or add custom properties.
System properties files aren't supported.
Configure JMeter user properties
Plugins Azure Load Testing lets you use plugins from, or upload a Java archive (JAR) file with your own plugin code. Customize a load test with plugins
Web Driver sampler Due to the resource intensive nature of WebDriver tests, you can run tests with a load of up to four virtual users associated with the Web Driver sampler. Tests with higher load associated with the Web Driver sampler can result in errors. In such a case, reduce the load and try again.
You can have a higher load associated with other samplers, like HTTP sampler, in the same test.
Listeners Azure Load Testing ignores all Results Collectors, which includes visualizers such as the results tree or graph results.
Dashboard report The Azure Load Testing dashboard shows the client metrics, and optionally the server-side metrics.
You can export the load test results to use them in a reporting tool or generate the JMeter dashboard on your local machine.
Export test results
Test fragments Not supported.

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