Retrieve offers


The Cloud Partner Portal APIs are integrated with and will continue working in Partner Center. The transition introduces small changes. Review the changes listed in Cloud Partner Portal API Reference to ensure your code continues working after transitioning to Partner Center. CPP APIs should only be used for existing products that were already integrated before transition to Partner Center; new products should use Partner Center submission APIs.

Retrieves a summarized list of offers under a publisher namespace.


URI parameters

Name Description Data type
publisherId Publisher identifier, for example contoso String
api-version Latest version of API Date
Name Value
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer YOUR_TOKEN

Body example


  200 OK 
          "offerTypeId": "microsoft-azure-virtualmachines",
          "publisherId": "contoso",
          "status": "published",
          "id": "059afc24-07de-4126-b004-4e42a51816fe",
          "version": 1,
          "definition": {
              "displayText": "Contoso Virtual Machine"

Response body properties

Name Description
offerTypeId Identifies the type of offer
publisherId Identifier that uniquely identifies the publisher
status Status of the offer. For the list of possible values, see Offer status below.
id GUID that uniquely identifies the offer in the publisher namespace.
version Current version of the offer. The version property cannot be modified by the client. It's incremented after each publishing.
definition Contains a summarized view of the actual definition of the workload. To get a detailed definition, use the Retrieve specific offer API.
changedTime UTC time when the offer was last modified

Response status codes

Code Description
200 OK - The request was successfully processed and all the offers under the publisher were returned to the client.
400 Bad/Malformed request - The error response body may contain more information.
403 Forbidden - The client doesn't have access to the specified namespace.
404 Not found - The specified entity doesn't exist.

Offer Status

Name Description
NeverPublished Offer has never been published.
NotStarted Offer is new but is not started.
WaitingForPublisherReview Offer is waiting for publisher approval.
Running Offer submission is being processed.
Succeeded Offer submission has completed processing.
Canceled Offer submission was canceled.
Failed Offer submission failed.