Support matrix for web apps migration

This article summarizes support settings and limitations for agentless migration of web apps to Azure App Service Azure Migrate: Migration and modernization . If you're looking for information about assessing web apps for migration to Azure App Service, review the assessment support matrix.

Migration options

You can perform agentless migration of ASP.NET web apps at-scale to Azure App Service using Azure Migrate. However, agent based migration is not supported.


  • Currently, At-Scale Discovery, Assessment and Migration is supported for ASP.NET web apps deployed to on-premises IIS servers hosted on VMware Environment.
  • You can select up to five App Service Plans as part of single migration.
  • Currently, we do not support selecting existing App service plans during the migration flow.
  • You can migrate web apps up to max 2 GB in size including content stored in mapped virtual directory.
  • Currently, we do not support migrating UNC directory content.
  • You need Windows PowerShell 4.0 installed on VMs hosting the IIS web servers from which you plan to migrate ASP.NET web apps to Azure App Services.
  • Currently, the migration flow does not support VNet integrated scenarios.

ASP.NET web apps migration requirements

Azure Migrate now supports agentless at-scale migration of ASP.NET web apps to Azure App Service. Performing web apps assessment is mandatory for migration web apps using the integrated flow in Azure Migrate.

Support Details
Supported servers Currently supported only for windows servers running IIS in your VMware environment.
Windows servers Windows Server 2008 R2 and later are supported.
Linux servers Currently not supported.
IIS access Web apps discovery requires a local admin user account.
IIS versions IIS 7.5 and later are supported.
PowerShell version PowerShell 4.0

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