List and Download Server logs using Azure CLI

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This article shows you how to list and download server flexible server using Azure CLI.


This article requires that you're running the Azure CLI version 2.39.0 or later locally. To see the version installed, run the az --version command. If you need to install or upgrade, see Install Azure CLI.

You'll need to sign-in to your account using the az login command. Note the id property, which refers to Subscription ID for your Azure account.

az login

Select the specific subscription under your account using az account set command. Make a note of the id value from the az login output to use as the value for subscription argument in the command. If you have multiple subscriptions, choose the appropriate subscription in which the resource should be billed. To get all your subscription, use az account list.

az account set --subscription <subscription id>

List Server logs using Azure CLI

Once you're configured the prerequisites and connected to your required subscription. You can list the server logs from your flexible server by below command.

az mysql flexible-server server-logs list --resource-group <myresourcegroup> --server-name <serverlogdemo> --out <table>

Here are the details for the above command

LastModifiedTime Name ResourceGroup SizeInKb TypePropertiesType Url
2022-08-01T11:09:48+00:00 mysql-slow-serverlogdemo-2022073111.log myresourcegroup 10947 slowlog
2022-08-02T11:10:00+00:00 mysql-slow-serverlogdemo-2022080111.log myresourcegroup 10927 slowlog
2022-08-03T11:10:12+00:00 mysql-slow-serverlogdemo-2022080211.log myresourcegroup 10936 slowlog
2022-08-03T11:12:00+00:00 mysql-slow-serverlogdemo-2022080311.log myresourcegroup 8920 slowlog

Above list shows LastModifiedTime, Name, ResourceGroup, SizeInKb and Download Url of the Server Logs available. Default LastModifiedTime is set to 72 hours, for listing files older than 72 hours, use flag --file-last-written <Time:HH>

az mysql flexible-server server-logs list --resource-group <myresourcegroup>  --server-name <serverlogdemo> --out table --file-last-written <144>

Downloading Server logs using Azure CLI

Below command will download the mentioned server logs to your current directory.

az mysql flexible-server server-logs download --resource-group <myresourcegroup> --server-name <serverlogdemo>  --name <mysql-slow-serverlogdemo-2022073111.log>

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