Troubleshoot network insights

For general troubleshooting guidance, see Troubleshooting workbook-based insights.

This article helps you diagnose and troubleshoot some common problems you might encounter when you use Azure Monitor network insights.

How do I resolve performance problems or failures?

To learn about troubleshooting any networking-related problems you identify using Azure Monitor network insights, see the troubleshooting documentation for the malfunctioning resource.

How do I make changes or add visualizations to Azure Monitor network insights?

To make changes, select Edit Mode to modify the workbook. You can then save your changes as a new workbook that's tied to a designated subscription and resource group.

What's the time grain after I pin any part of the workbooks?

Azure Monitor network insights uses the Auto time grain, so the time grain is based on the selected time range.

What's the time range when any part of a workbook is pinned?

The time range depends on the dashboard settings.

What if I want to see other data or make my own visualizations? How can I make changes to Azure Monitor network insights?

You can edit the workbook you see in any side-panel or detailed metric view by using the edit mode. You can then save your changes as a new workbook.