Update the spacecraft TLE

Update the TLE of an existing spacecraft resource.


TLE stands for Two-Line Element.

Be sure to update the TLE value before you schedule a contact. A TLE that's more than two weeks old might result in an unsuccessful downlink.


Azure portal method

  1. In the Azure portal search box, enter Spacecraft. Select Spacecraft in the search results.

  2. In the Spacecraft page, select the name of the spacecraft for which to update the ephemeris.

  3. Select Ephemeris on the left menu bar of the spacecraft’s overview.

  4. In Ephemeris, enter this information in each of the required fields:

    Field Value
    TLE title line Spacecraft updated TLE Title Line
    TLE Line 1 Updated TLE Line 1
    TLE Line 2 Updated TLE Line 2

    Spacecraft TLE update

  5. Select the Submit button.

API method

Use the Spacecrafts REST Operation Group to update a spacecraft's TLE in the Azure Orbital Ground Station API.

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