What is Azure Native Dynatrace Service?

Dynatrace is a monitoring solution that provides deep cloud observability, advanced AIOps, and continuous runtime application security capabilities in Azure.

The Azure Native Dynatrace Service offering in the Azure Marketplace enables you to create and manage Dynatrace environments using the Azure portal with a seamlessly integrated experience. This enables you to use Dynatrace as a monitoring solution for your Azure workloads through a streamlined workflow, starting from procurement, all the way to configuration and management.

You can create and manage the Dynatrace resources using the Azure portal through a resource provider named Dynatrace.Observability. Dynatrace owns and runs the software as a service (SaaS) application including the Dynatrace environments created through this experience.


Azure Native Dynatrace Service stores and processes customer data only in the region where the service was deployed. No data is stored outside of that region.


Azure Native Dynatrace Service provides the following capabilities:

  • Seamless onboarding - Easily onboard and use Dynatrace as natively integrated service on Azure.

  • Unified billing - Get a single bill for all the resources you consume on Azure, including Dynatrace.

  • Single-Sign on to Dynatrace - You need not sign up or sign in separately to Dynatrace. Sign in once in the Azure portal and seamlessly transition to Dynatrace portal when needed.

  • Log monitoring - Enables automated monitoring of subscription activity and resource logs to Dynatrace

  • Manage Dynatrace OneAgent on VMs and App Services - Provides a single experience to install and uninstall Dynatrace OneAgent on virtual machines and App Services.

For more help using Azure Native Dynatrace Service, see the Dynatrace documentation.

Next steps

To create an instance of Dynatrace, see QuickStart: Get started with Dynatrace.