Quota monitoring and alerting

Monitoring and alerting in Azure provides real-time insights into resource utilization, enabling proactive issue resolution and resource optimization. Use monitoring and alerting to help detect anomalies and potential issues before they impact services.

To view the features on Quotas page, sign in to the Azure portal and enter "quotas" into the search box, then select Quotas.


When monitoring and alerting is enabled for your account, the Quotas in MyQuotas will be highlighted and clickable.


Monitoring for quotas lets you proactively manage your Azure resources. Azure sets predefined limits, or quotas, for various resources like Compute, Azure Machine Learning, and HPC Cache. This monitoring involves continuous tracking of resource usage to ensure it remains within allocated limits, including notifications when these limits are approached or reached.


Quota alerts in Azure are notifications triggered when the usage of a specific Azure resource nears the predefined quota limit. These alerts are crucial for informing Azure users and administrators about resource consumption, facilitating proactive resource management. Azure’s alert rule capabilities allow you to create multiple alert rules for a given quota or across quotas in your subscription.

For more information, see Create alerts for quotas.


General Role based access control applies while creating alerts.

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