View quotas

The Quotas page in the Azure portal is the centralized location where you can view your quotas. My quotas provides a comprehensive, customizable view of usage and other quota information so that you can assess quota usage. You can also request quota increases directly from My quotas.

To view the Quotas page, sign in to the Azure portal and enter "quotas" into the search box, then select Quotas.


After you've accessed Quotas, the service will appear at the top of Azure Home in the Azure portal. You can also add Quotas to your Favorites list so that you can quickly go back to it.

View quota details

To view detailed information about your quotas, select My quotas in the left pane on the Quotas page.


You can also select a specific Azure provider from the Quotas overview page to view quotas and usage for that provider. If you don't see a provider, check the Azure subscription and service limits page for more information.

On the My quotas page, you can choose which quotas and usage data to display. The filter options at the top of the page let you filter by location, provider, subscription, and usage. You can also use the search box to look for a specific quota. Depending on the provider you select, you may see some differences in filters and columns.

Screenshot of the My quotas screen in the Azure portal.

In the list of quotas, you can toggle the arrow shown next to Quota to expand and close categories. You can do the same next to each category to drill down and create a view of the information you need.

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