Azure Service Manager retirement

Azure Service Manager (ASM) is the old control plane of Azure responsible for creating, managing, deleting VMs and performing other control plane operations, and has been in use since 2011. ASM is retiring in August 2024, and customers can now migrate to Azure Resource Manager (ARM). ARM provides a management layer that enables you to create, update, and delete resources in your Azure account. You can use management features like access control, locks, and tags to secure and organize your resources after deployment.

Benefits of migrating to ARM

Migrating from the classic resource model to ARM offers several benefits, including:

  • Simplified management: ARM provides a unified platform for managing and deploying resources, allowing for easier provisioning, monitoring, and updating of infrastructure components.
  • Improved security: ARM incorporates robust security features, such as role-based access control (RBAC) and Managed Identity, to help protect resources and provide automatic credential management
  • High Availability and Resiliency: Availability Zones allow customers to run mission-critical applications with higher availability and fault tolerance to datacenter failures
  • High Scalability: ARM enables automatic scaling of resources based on demand, ensuring applications can handle increased workloads efficiently.
  • Cost optimization: ARM provides features like cost management and resource tagging, enabling better visibility and control over resource usage, leading to cost optimization and efficient resource allocation.

There are many service-related benefits which can be found in the migration guides.

Services being retired

To help with this transition, we are providing a range of resources and tools, including documentation and migration guides. We encourage you to begin planning your migration to ARM as soon as possible to ensure that you can continue to take advantage of the latest Azure features and capabilities.

Below is a list of classic resources being retired, their retirement dates, and a link to migration to ARM guidance :

Classic resource Retirement date Migration documentation Support
VM (classic) Sep 23 Migrate VM (classic) to ARM Linux, Windows, RedHat, Ubuntu, SUSE
Azure Active Directory Domain Services Mar 23 Migrate Azure Active Directory Domain Services to ARM AAD Support
Azure Batch Cloud Service Pools Feb 24 Migrate Azure Batch Cloud Service Pools to ARM
Cloud Services (classic) Aug 24 Migrate Cloud Services (classic) to ARM Cloud Services Support
App Service Environment v1/v2 Aug 24 Migrate App Service Environment v1/v2 to ARM App Service Support
API Management Aug 24 Migrate API Management to ARM API Management Support
Azure Redis Cache Aug 24 Migrate Azure Redis Cache to ARM Redis Cache Support
Classic Resource Providers Aug 24 Migrate Classic Resource Providers to ARM
Integration Services Environment Aug 24 Migrate Integration Services Environment to ARM ISE Support
Microsoft HPC Pack Aug 24 Migrate Microsoft HPC Pack to ARM HPC Pack Support
Virtual WAN Aug 24 Migrate Virtual WAN to ARM Virtual WAN Support
Classic Storage Aug 24 Migrate Classic Storage to ARM Classic Storage
Classic Virtual Network Aug 24 Migrate Classic Virtual Network to ARM Virtual network Support
Classic Application Gateway Aug 24 Migrate Classic Application Gateway to ARM Application Gateway Support
Classic Reserved IP addresses Aug 24 Migrate Classic Reserved IP addresses to ARM Reserved IP Address Support
Classic ExpressRoute Gateway Aug 24 Migrate Classic ExpressRoute Gateway to ARM ExpressRoute Gateway Support
Classic VPN gateway Aug 24 Migrate Classic VPN gateway to ARM


We understand that you may have questions or concerns about this change, and we are here to help. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team