Enable Microsoft Sentinel and initial features and content

To begin your deployment, you need to enable Microsoft Sentinel and set up key features and content. In this article, you learn how to enable Microsoft Sentinel, enable the health and audit feature, and enable the solutions and content you've identified according to your organization's needs. This article is part of the Deployment guide for Microsoft Sentinel.

Enable features and content

Step Description
1. Enable the Microsoft Sentinel service In the Azure portal, enable Microsoft Sentinel to run on the Log Analytics workspace your organization planned as part of your workspace design.
2. Enable health and audit Enable health and audit at this stage of your deployment to make sure that the service's many moving parts are always functioning as intended and that the service isn't being manipulated by unauthorized actions. Learn more about the health and audit feature.
3. Enable solutions and content When you planned your deployment, you identified which data sources you need to ingest into Microsoft Sentinel. Now, you want to enable the relevant solutions and content so that the data you need can start flowing into Microsoft Sentinel.

Next steps

In this article, you learned how to enable Microsoft Sentinel, its health and audit feature, and required content.