Quickstart: Create a service connection in a function app from the Azure portal

Get started with Service Connector by using the Azure portal to create a new service connection for Azure Functions in a function app.


Sign in to Azure

Sign in to the Azure portal at https://portal.azure.com/ with your Azure account.

Create a new service connection in Function App

  1. To create a new service connection in Function App, select the Search resources, services and docs (G +/) search bar at the top of the Azure portal, type Function App, and select Function App.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal, selecting Function App.

  2. Select the Function App resource you want to connect to a target resource.

  3. Select Service Connector from the left table of contents. Then select Create.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal, selecting Service Connector and creating new connection.

  4. Select or enter the following settings.

    Setting Example Description
    Service type Storage - Blob The target service type. If you don't have a Microsoft Blob Storage, you can create one or use another service type.
    Subscription My subscription The subscription for your target service (the service you want to connect to). The default value is the subscription for this Function App resource.
    Connection name my_connection The connection name that identifies the connection between your Function App and target service. Use the connection name provided by Service Connector or choose your own connection name.
    Storage account my_storage_account The target storage account you want to connect to. Target service instances to choose from vary according to the selected service type.
    Client type The same app stack on this Function App The default value comes from the Function App runtime stack. Select the app stack that's on this Function App instance.
  5. Select Next: Authentication to choose an authentication method.

    System-assigned managed identity is the recommended authentication option. Select System-assigned managed identity to connect through an identity that's generated in Azure Active Directory and tied to the lifecycle of the service instance.

  6. Select Next: Networking to configure the network access to your target service and select Configure firewall rules to enable access to your target service.

  7. Select Next: Review + Create to review the provided information. Then select Create to create the service connection. This operation may take a minute to complete.

View service connections in Function App

  1. The Service Connector tab displays existing function app connections.

  2. Select Validate to check your connection. You can see the connection validation details in the panel on the right.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal, listing and validating the connection.

Next steps

Follow the tutorials to start building your own function application with Service Connector.