Create an Azure Storage Mover resource

A Storage Mover is a top-level resource and is deployed into an Azure resource group. Storage Mover agents are registered with a storage mover. The storage mover also holds migration projects and everything you need to define and monitor the migration of your individual sources to their targets in Azure.

In this article, you'll learn how to deploy a storage mover to your resource group.


You should read the Planning for a storage mover deployment article before continuing with your first deployment. The article shares best practices for selecting an Azure region for your storage mover, the number of storage mover resources you should consider creating and more useful insights.

Before deploying a storage mover resource, make sure you have the appropriate permissions in your selected subscription and resource group.

If there has never been a storage mover deployed in this subscription and you are not a subscription owner, review the section Getting your subscription ready in the planning guide mentioned before.

To deploy a storage mover into a resource group, you must be a member of the Contributor or Owner RBAC (Role Based Access Control) role for the selected resource group. The section Permissions in the planning guide has a table outlining the permissions you need for various migration scenarios.

Creating a storage mover requires you to decide on a subscription, a resource group, a region, and a name. The Planning for an Azure Storage Mover deployment article shares best practices. Refer to the resource naming convention to choose a supported name.

Deploy a storage mover resource

  1. Navigate to the Create a resource link in the Azure portal.

    An image showing the Azure portal landing page with two indicators raising attention to the Create a resource links

  2. Search for Azure Storage Mover. When you identify the correct search result, select the Create button. A wizard to create a storage mover resource opens.

Next steps

Advance to one of the next articles to learn how to deploy a Storage Mover agent or create a migration project.