Explore Azure Stream Analytics with Visual Studio Code

The Azure Stream Analytics extension for Visual Studio Code gives you a seamless experience for managing Stream Analytics jobs in the cloud. It can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. With the Azure Stream Analytics extension, you can:

  • Create, start, and stop jobs
  • Export existing jobs to a local project
  • List jobs and view job entities
  • View job diagram and debug in Job Monitor

Export a job to a local project

To export a job to a local project, locate the job you wish to export in the Stream Analytics Explorer in Visual Studio Code. Then select a folder for your project. The project is exported to the folder you select, and you can continue to manage the job from Visual Studio Code. For more information on using Visual Studio Code to manage Stream Analytics jobs, see the Visual Studio Code quickstart.

Export ASA job in Visual Studio Code

List job and view job entities

You can use the job view to interact with Azure Stream Analytics jobs from Visual Studio.

  1. Click the Azure icon on Visual Studio Code Activity Bar and then expand Stream Analytics node. Your jobs should appear under your subscriptions.

    Open Stream Analytics Explorer

  2. Expand your job node, you can open and view the job query, configuration, inputs, outputs and functions.

  3. Right click your job node, and choose the Open Job View in Portal node to open the job view in the Azure portal.

    Open job view in portal

View job diagram and debug in Job Monitor

You can use job monitor in Visual Studio Code to view and troubleshoot your Azure Stream Analytics jobs.

View job diagram and job summary

  1. Select Job Monitor. Your Job Monitor should appear, and job diagram should be loaded automatically.

    Open Job Monitor

  2. You can view your job diagram and click on Job Summary to view properties and information of your job.

    View Job Summary

  3. You can click on Test Connection button to test connection to your input and output.

    Test Connection

  4. You can also click on Locate Script button to view your query.

    View Query

Monitor and debug with Metrics

  1. Click on the arrow button, you can open the Metrics panel.

    Open Metrics Panel

  2. You can interact with it and analyze your job with key metrics showing in chart. You can choose to view job-level metrics or nodes level metrics. And you can also decide which metrics you want them to show in the chart.

    View Metrics

Debug with diagnostic logs and activity logs

You can view your job’s diagnostic logs and activity logs for troubleshooting.

  1. Select Diagnostic Logs tab.

    View Diagnostic Logs

  2. Select Activity Logs tab

    View Activity Logs

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