Quickstart: Linking a Power BI workspace to a Synapse workspace

In this quickstart, you will learn how to connect a Power BI workspace to an Azure Synapse Analytics workspace to create new Power BI reports and datasets from Synapse Studio.

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.


  1. Starting from Synapse Studio, click Manage.

    Synapse Studio click manage.

  2. Under External Connections, click Linked services.

    Linked services highlighted.

  3. Click + New.

    + New linked services is highlighted.

  4. Click Power BI and click Continue.

    Displaying Power BI linked service.

  5. Enter a name for the linked service and select a workspace from the dropdown list.

    Displaying Power BI linked service setup.

  6. Click Create.

View Power BI workspace in Synapse Studio

Once your workspaces are linked, you can browse your Power BI datasets, edit/create new Power BI Reports from Synapse Studio.

  1. Click Develop.

    Synapse Studio click develop.

  2. Expand Power BI and the workspace you wish to use.

    Expand Power BI and the workspace.

New reports can be created clicking + at the top of the Develop tab. Existing reports can be edited by clicking on the report name. Any saved changes will be written back to the Power BI workspace.

View and edit Power BI report.

Next steps

Learn more about creating Power BI report on files stored on Azure Storage.