Warning Types

The following warning type values are used to set the warningType attribute that is returned with warning text by the Routes when there is a potential issue along a route segment. For more information about warnings and other information returned in the Routes API response, see Route Data.

Warning Type Description
Accident There is a traffic accident.
AdminDivisionChange The route has left one administrative division and entered another.
BlockedRoad The road is closed or blocked.
CheckTimetable Check a time table. This usually refers to a ferry or Autorail time table.
Congestion The traffic is slow.
CountryChange The route has left one country/region and entered another.
DisabledVehicle There is a disabled vehicle.
GateAccess A gate blocks the road and access is required to continue along the route.
GetOffTransit Get off the transit at this location.
GetOnTransit Get on the transit at this location.
IllegalUTurn A U-turn is illegal at this location.
MassTransit There is mass transit incident.
Miscellaneous A miscellaneous warning is available for this location.
NoIncident There is no incident at this location.
None There is no warning at this location.
Other There is a warning at this location that cannot be classified as any other type of warning.
OtherNews There is additional traffic incident information.
OtherTrafficIncidents There are other traffic incidents at this location.
PlannedEvents There are scheduled events in the area.
PrivateRoad The road being traveled on is private.
RestrictedTurn The turn may be restricted.
RoadClosures There are road closures at this location.
RoadHazard There is a road hazard.
ScheduledConstruction There is construction along the route. The ScheduledConstruction value is used for any type of construction and not just construction that has specific start and end dates.
SeasonalClosures A seasonal closure occurs at this location.
Tollbooth A toll is required at this location to continue along the route.
TollRoad The road is a toll road.
TollZoneEnter The entrance to a toll zone.
TollZoneExit The exit of a toll zone.
TrafficFlow The warning is about traffic flow.
TransitLineChange There is a transit line change but a change of vehicle is not required.
UnpavedRoad The road is unpaved.
Weather There is significant weather at this location.