The FourthCoffeeSample data source is a sample data source that you can use to learn how to query and get data source information by using the Bing Spatial Data Services.


All Query API transactions are billable transactions including queries to the FourthCoffeeSample data source. Therefore, you may want to create an evaluation account to use with this data source. For more information about how to create an evaluation account, see Getting a Bing Maps Key.

Entity Properties

The following table describes the properties that you can query. These properties make up the FourthCoffeeShops entity type that is used by the FourthCoffeeSample data source.

Property Data Type Example Value
EntityID (Primary Key) Edm.String -18147
Latitude Edm.Double 50.792458
Longitude Edm.Double -1.146712
AddressLine Edm.String Bury Road
PrimaryCity Edm.String Alverstoke
SecondaryCity Edm.String Gosport
Subdivision Edm.String Hampshire
CountryRegion Edm.String United Kingdom
PostalCode Edm.String PO123
Phone Edm.String 800-555-0111
Manager Edm.String Aaron Con
StoreOpen Edm.String Y
StoreType Edm.String Kiosk
Name Edm.String Fourth Coffee Store #18147
DisplayName Edm.String Fourth Coffee Store #18147, Alverstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom
IsWiFiHotSpot Edm.Boolean 0 [false]
SeatingCapacity Edm.Int64 50
IsWheelChairAccessible Edm.Boolean 1 [true]
AcceptsOnlineOrders Edm.Boolean 0 [false]
AcceptsCoffeeCards Edm.Boolean 1 [true]
Open Edm.Int64 800
Close Edm.Int64 2200
CreatedDate Edm.DateTime 2010-11-10T17:19:36
LastUpdatedDate Edm.DateTime 2010-11-15T17:19:36

How to query the FourthCoffeeSample data source

You can query FourthCoffeeShops entities in the FourthCoffeeSample data source by using the following base URL and adding additional parameters such a geographical area to search and the properties you want to return.

Base Query URL  

Query Example

The following query example queries for FourthCoffeeShops entities within 5 kilometers of a location that is specified as a latitude and longitude pair. Because this is a sample data source, the query key you use can be any Bing Maps Key. For more information, see Query API.,-74.3163299560546935,5)&$select=EntityID,Latitude,Longitude,__Distance&$top=3&key=anyBingMapsKey