Business Process Management Solution

The Business Process Management solution shows how to design a BizTalk application to manage a business process such as service order processing. The solution demonstrates how to construct a process manager and provides guidance about dividing a process into distinct stages. The solution also describes how to construct interruptible orchestrations as well as extensive, sophisticated exception handling.

The sections provide an overview of the solution, detailed explanations of the patterns and design choices, and information about building and running the solution.


The patterns and guidance documented in these sections are intended to illustrate an approach to a particular kind of business solution. Patterns are simple mechanisms that are meant to be applied to a specific problem and are usually combined with other patterns. They are not meant to be plugged into an application. Example code is provided "as is" and is not intended for production use. It is only intended to illustrate the pattern and therefore does not include extra code, such as exception handling, logging, security, and validation. Microsoft does not support deploying the example code "as is" to production.

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